Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rest In Peace, Dear Janette ... 911 Truth. Me too i had a chance to talk with you, to admire your art at an Oakland theater exhibit festival. I called Janette A Lady who helped to bring down a war empire. A LADY WHO BROUGHT DOWN A WAR EMPIRE. Which one is better?:/ Janette's life, art, destiny and a providence forever will be remembered. A providence with which she brought down singlehandedly, with a handful of Dust of Truth, the mightiest war empire ever mushroomed and parasiting on the face of people's Earth. Janette's life and destiny shall forever be written unto the glorious history of American nation, as a grand, historical and providential turn of events, in the time most needed, to correct the course of a grand nation, to remind a once benign empire and it's war leaders that they lost their way, that they betrayed the nation, it's people who gave the nation its birth, it's existence and its might, and which has now been hijacked by a war empire faction, surrepetitiously and behind the backs of a nation, in order to carry out foolish indefensible foreign expansion wars. Only in America. .. There is a freedom of speech - because we are willing to speak. American might through peace, justice, truth, friendship and prosperity. Rest in peace, Janette, and please know that you have a place in our hearts, and in the American history, forever. 911 Truth.
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