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U.S. Decline in Global Arena: Is America No Longer No. 1? Cut the GM - government military huge $1 trillion a year unnecessary military budget first.

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GM - the article still doesn't even mention the single biggest driver of a huge US deficit - and that is GM - Government Military.

This welfare vehicle drains altogether $1 trillion a year from taxes.
Needs to be cut in half to start with, the country still will be supremely defended, in an unmatched way.

Other huge problems are runaway globalized elite ruling in a one party system - DemReps, meaning no real free national discussion or policy choices.

This ruling monopoly started to disregard interests of the USA -

  1. wholesale exporting industries abroad, thus raising taxes and shifting prosperity away from US,
  2. running and maintaining huge deficits,
  3. running a megafraud inefficient medical system Medicare, Medicaid.

The worst, but potentially efficient and proven way to "end on top", is to colonize other countries, draining their resources out of existence.

It reflects well the fatal nature of mankind as aggressive, looting creatures ready to commit crimes in order to seek their own wealth.

I suggest any person, which draws a majority of their income from China, India, Taiwan, and any foreing asset investments and properties, should be disqualified from sitting in The US Congress and set or sell policies of the country.
Just as foreign born person cannot become a president.

The real good, even brilliant article, of which every second sentence is tweetable, does mention "wasteful Pentagon $700 billion a year budget".
When nuclear weapons program, financed through Energy Dept., is counted, it adds to $1 trillion a year, more than the rest of the planet Earth altogether spends on war killings ... of which about $200 bill cannot be even accounted for, quoting  D. Rumsfeld.

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U.S. Decline in Global Arena: Is America No Longer No. 1? - TIME

  • the article:

.... We have the most guns. We have the most crime among rich countries. And, of course, we have by far the largest amount of debt in the world.

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.... Harvard historian Niall Ferguson, who has just written a book, Civilization: The West and the Rest, puts things in historical context: 

"For 500 years the West patented six killer applications that set it apart. 

The first to download them was Japan. Over the last century, one Asian country after another has downloaded these killer apps — competition, modern science, the rule of law and private property rights, modern medicine, the consumer society and the work ethic. 

Those six things are the secret sauce of Western civilization."

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‎... "reducing funds for education, scientific research, air-traffic control, NASA, infrastructure and alternative energy will not produce much in savings, and it will hurt the economy's long-term growth.

It would happen at the very moment that countries from Germany to South Korea to China are making large investments in education, science, technology and infrastructure.

We are cutting investments and subsidizing consumption — exactly the opposite of what are the main drivers of economic growth.".....

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..... the larger discussion in Washington is about everything except what's important.

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..... all those interests are dedicated to preserving the past rather than investing for the future. There are no lobbying groups for the next generation of industries, only for those companies that are here now with cash to spend. There are no special-interest groups for our children's economic well-being, only for people who get government benefits right now. The whole system is geared to preserve current subsidies, tax breaks and loopholes.

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... If someone points out that Europe gets better health care at half the cost, that's dangerously socialist thinking.

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