Friday, November 25, 2011

Bionic contact lenses to project emails, info directly into your eyes. One step closer.

Developers at Washington University announced 11/25/11 that they are one step closer to creating bionic contact lenses.

These could be the ultimate in mobility, ensuring you could access your emails or any information wherever you are.

Bionism is coming. We will turn into cyborgs, original living organisms, mixed with non living technology.

Apart from that, pure technical robots will exist, just as pure new life forms biogical living creatures. They may to be called biobots.

New Living Life Forms may be
chimeras - where human genes will be mixed with animal genes, or
transgennic, where human genes will be mixed with new artificially created genes.

In any case, traditional original biological human beings are basically a complex programm running inside a brain, with all hte bio support structure of the body.


An event of immortality, attained via controlling the process of aging, via organs growing and replacement, is fast approaching.

The time will lose it meaning, when a moment will last an eternity.

Later on, the notion of immortality will lose its meaning also.

We are but programs, a projections, running inside a brain. You can start a program, create a program, modify a program, download a program.

You can simulate a program by some superprogram.

You can simulate a brain on some future atom quantum super computer also.


Nothing is real. We are but images, projections of programs running inside our brains.

All that we are developed from a primordial initial chaos.

What was before we will never know.

We never existed, we do not exist, and we will not exist.

Nothin is real.

But a projection of a true sincere human feeling of true friendship, of true love, of true peace, of total of goodness of the spirit of human beings certainly is pure, neat, beautiful and precious aspect of our Being.




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