Monday, December 19, 2011

Advanced Space Based Weapons: ‘Rods from Satan’. Decimate it’s target by stealth with huge kinetic force.

The Rand Corporation (Think Tank) document published in 2002 entitled “Space Weapons, Earth Wars” , Satan's Rods are one of many in operation

20 foot long tungsten core rods 2 feet in diameter will drop out of the gravity well from space, spearing toward earth with pinpoint precision at 10,000 feet per second, hitting with the kinetic force of a nuclear weapon (with no explosion).

The kinetic kill vehicle launch platform consists of a satellite armed with 12 telephone pole sized Tungsten rods loaded into 12 launch tubes mounted on one end of the satellite .

The satellites are then placed in orbit and must be reloaded after each use, or de-orbited and a replacement launched.

The current US system consists of an unknown number of such satellites, though the number is assumed to be more than one.

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