Monday, May 23, 2011

Gerald Celente: American economic fall. Recovery? No, a cover up.

Gerald warns us about the imminent world war and economic collapse.

He is pleading for us to stand up and do something, anything, the world as we know it is ending very soon.

Welcome to the Modern Canadian Revolution

My comment:
you cannot have a military superpower without prosperity for its people.
you cannot have only military militarized militaristic economy.
you cannot have epidemic of poverty, crime, joblessness, healthcare-lessness.

American ruling elite, giving itself ever bigger salary increases, hundreds of millions, tens of billions in worth, giving itself tax heavens, tax breaks, state welfare subsidies, American ruling globalized elite betrayed America, no longer representing its interests.

American ruling republi-cratic elite exported jobs, whole industries, wholesale and consistently over last decades - in order to realize bigger profits more quickly.

That is like cutting a branch you are sitting on. Like selling trees to get some fruits.

The way out for the only, uncontested, military superpower?
To conquer the world? To start a world conflict?

Or to start investing in its infrastructure, in its people, giving them real opportunity for decent lives, decent wages, crime free and fear free living environment?

There is no peace, no power, without prosperity.

The way out -
1. Japan, tectonic weapons, 3/11/11 biggest recorded earthquake and massive tsunami. Rehearsal Thailand, earthquake, tsunami 12/2004.

2. Asia, nuclear war on Korean peninsula is always hours away.
That will take care of Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Kia and arounds.

3. Germany, Europe.
Nuclear explosion of rogue al Qaeda bomb. Magneto tectonic weapons - shut down sky over Europe - Iceland volcano erupting again.

Russia ..... do we keep them, as we always need enemies?
Or a stray meteorite suddenly lands on Moscow?
A strong magnetic field over Russia disabling anything made in last decades? Weapons, cars, hospitals, radios, tv, pc.

Where is this unipolar world, where morality has been sold for weapons, violence and wars, headed?

With this amount of nuclear weapons and material accumulated on planet Earth, we are bound to end up on a dump.

A terminal wreck of a history on Earth.

In a human male DNA, a criminal aggressivity is coded, and a free market, free capitalism, does not seem to be able to police it out, to police itself, to cope with and prevent its own self-destruction.

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