Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Imperialism: Bankers, Drug Wars and Genocide

Mexico’s Descent in the Inferno
Imperialism: Bankers, Drug Wars and Genocide

total number of victims to 40,000 killed since 2006 in Mexico in capitalist drug wars. practically a cold brutal civil war.

Mexico ’s descent into this inferno has been engineered by the leading US financial and political institutions, each supporting ‘one side or the other’ in the bloody “total war” which spares no one, no place and no moment in time.

While the Pentagon arms the Mexican government and the US Drug Enforcement Agency enforces the “military solution”, the biggest US banks receive, launder and transfer hundreds of billions of dollars to the drug lords’ accounts, who then buy modern arms, pay private armies of assassins and corrupt untold numbers of political and law enforcement officials on both sides of the border.

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