Friday, May 27, 2011

Life begins when woman wants it. NO to crime forced pregnancies. Cases of violent male rape, to reverse this crime should be almost mandatory. Should criminal rapist genes be continued by forcing his victim?

those hard, violent rapes by males, it should be almost mandatory to reverse the crime. ... myself a male, i cannot imagine well how it feels to bear a child by a violent attacker./? is it another crime, ladies? ... and how is that child going to progress, be loved, reared up? not good. 

is it even desirable to use genes of male rapist to procreate?? or is that unGodly?? 

so those .. "opps we did it, it happened" moments. well why does not woman want it? or welfare father doesnt want it? well address these. she will have status, money, support, so hack, she will DECIDE FREELY to have this child. ...there is no other way suitable, for example like coerced forced pregnancies ....... 

so you tell me now, by not having egg meet sperm, is that already an abortion?? 

so my take on that most difficult question, "when does life beging?" --> LIFE BEGINS WHEN WOMAN WANTS IT TO BEGIN. ..... period. .. that is how we were created by a gracious evolution. - You from Bookmarklet (edit | delete)
so who should be coercing pregnancies?? mind you, those NOT by a violent crime of rape. ...can you force and coerce love? hardly ..... at that point, couples should be adviced, leant on, invited and incentived to keep the child. ... 

should a fact of NOT having babies be made criminal? or should any couple be forced to have children?

 remember, by forcing and unwanted or by crime induced pregnancy, you censor those other, wanted, loved, expected child births ... 

for those of you boasting - I was not wanted, but here I am, nice and well .... GOOD for you! ... but be a little bit compassionate, not selfish ... recognise that instead of you, there might have been some other happy child, not born trough utter traumatic crime of a violent rape. 

so who should be forcing pregnacies ??? nobody. ..lets just campaing, establish a culture of keeping and having children ... instead of present culture of violence, of crime, of poverty, and of violence celebration. 

wars kill much more people than abortions. but since done by male zealots, that fact keeps male zealots cool. - You (edit | delete)
do you want to get rid abortions? get rid of rapes first. period. no other discussion­. .. 

NO to forced pregnancie­s. 

then, create an environmen­t, no poverty, healthcare for parents, return to work for a mother after stay at home, child benefits .... 

create conditions when mother will want to have a child. she should also hear an opinion from a father.

ultimately­, it is a decision of a woman, who she will have children with. - You (edit | delete)

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