Sunday, May 8, 2011

its all fake. nothing happened here. i know the guy, he was my neighbor. he owned the house.

that is what locals from Abbottabad tell about killing bin Ladin.
BBC News - Osama Bin Laden: Pakistan's scepticism over videos

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  1. I posted a blog titled:
    "Bogus Bin Laden Story on Canada's Election Day"
    Just Google search: 'stories by Bill Woollam'
    or here is the link:

    Many Intelligence analysts and government officials told us years ago that Osama Bin Laden was already dead, and that he probably in December of 2001, from veteran CIA officer Robert Baer, to former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, to former FBI head of counterterrorism Dale Watson, and to former Deputy Assistant to the US Secretary of State.

    The entire affair is nothing but another ''orchestrated'' event...used for politically advantageous purposes.

    There are a few more stories I compiled the material for on that website. Feel free to post.