Saturday, May 28, 2011

Toyota’s Japan Production Falls 78%, Most in 35 Years in April 11

largest decline since 1976, when global output dropped 48 %. Exports fell 79 %.

Honda said its April 2011 Japan output fell 81 %, pushing down global production 53 %.

Nissan said its domestic output declined 49 %, while its global production decreased 22 % to 248,024 vehicles.

Japan natural disaster 3-11-11 reduced the nation’s power-generating capacity by 8 %.

Toyota’s plants will run at 70 % of planned levels in June 2011, up from 50 % in April and May 2011

The company expects production to normalize by November or December 2011.

Toyota will have lost 550,000 units of Japan auto production and 350,000 overseas by the end of May 2011 due to parts shortages following the March 11 - 3/11/11 - quake and tsunami.

To help avert blackouts, carmakers and auto-parts manufacturers will close their domestic plants on Thursdays and Fridays and instead operate during weekends from July to September 2011.

Toyota’s Japan Production Falls Most in 35 Years in April - Bloomberg

well what about electronics companies?

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