Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Nativity Scene Action, Roman police log

Nativity Christmas Action

Roman police log, Bethlehem: A group of homeless individuals were detained after they occupied a local stable not approved for human habitation by the fire marshal. 
Three men who claimed to be employed as shepherds were released on the condition that they only camp outside of town inconspicuously. 
Three illegal immigrants from Asia were transferred to INS's custody for deportation. 

The group also included a teenage mother and her newborn son found sleeping in a manger. 
Both were transferred to Child Protective Services for foster home placement. 

Due to the mother's being a minor with no visible means of support for the child, she and the child are expected to be placed separately because adoption is more easily arranged for infants and is preferable to foster home placement. 

Finally, a carpenter, presumably the infant's father, remained in custody awaiting arraignment on suspicion of pedophilia and statutory rape, pending DNA testing.

Wait, there is more. 
Scene was raided by armored swat teams on suspicions that hay that lay around could be a weed-like grassy substance.

Sheep were detained on suspicion of drunkenness.

The star above was shot down by a remote missile offensive system on a probability that the star is actually an enemy drone.

Later the shack was bombed and brought down in a controlled demolition.
Afterwards, the place was bulldozed razed off and under the ground.

The army was upset in their media release about the collateral mess, saying the whole scene was actually a native sting operation aiming at infiltrating and defeating local homeless groups of associate workers of wall-merd.

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