Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pentagon and the scumbags who supply them were facing the loss of billions upon billion of of dollars in profits and payoffs if Kennedy turned off the Vietnam gravy train.

CIA was facing a thorough gutting at the hands of Kennedy as were their close colleagues in organized crime and the oil industry

1. When push comes to shove, the military-industrial complex is in control of the US

2. A criminally minded CIA and organized crime figures in the US and abroad collaborate on projects of mutual interest (drug running, assassination, the suppression of dissent, *) on a daily basis as they have done since WW II. 
*wars of conquest

3. The US news media - as well as the vast majority of academia - is an impotent joke.

These are the three elements that have guided and controlled the US since Kennedy's assassination and they can, and continue to, get away with just about anything. 

Assassination studies: The party before the assassination and the missing fingerprint

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