Saturday, January 2, 2010

In 2010, Your iPhone Could Be a Credit Card Reader - This "new hardware" to me is a misconception and en error. iPhone itself should be - and, practically is - BOTH credit card /cc/ reader and credit card itself. WHY to carry another piece, a cc? That would be so 2009nish. SERVER, SOFTWARE ought to do it, and can do it, all. That is the only correct, and lowest costs, solution path. Customers will setup their credit cards with PayServer, tied to their IPhone/cpu unique id and their password. 'CC Reader" iPhone will display the merchandise, the amount to be paid, and/or any other info, and an ID code/bar, QR?/, readable to PayServer. "CC Customer" iPhone will "Take a snapshot" of this info, and this will constitute, for any and all purposes, a swipe of the card. Why the heck to require physical presence of a credit card, a physical presence on a cc reader, and plus the physical act of swiping the card ?? It would be a half mad mistaken anachronism bordering on ridiculousness. There is more solutions to th

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