Saturday, January 2, 2010

Internet-ready hybrid electric bicycle. Oh dam' it! - shift wireless via your iPhone! MIT project turns any bicycle into an internet-ready hybrid electric - The Copenhagen Wheel isn?t a bike itself but rather wheel built around a smooth disk containing a three-speed internal hub, a battery, a GPS receiver, and a variety of sensors to monitor ambient conditions such as temperature and pollution levels. NO cabling!Wheel owners mount their iPhone (or other smart phone) on the handlebars and use it as a controller via a Bluetooth connection to the hub. Use the phone to lock and unlock the Wheel, to change gears, and to collect and view data, such as miles traveled, noise and weather, etc. Because smart phones are also internet devices, this information can be loaded onto the web and shared via social networking applications or compiled with information from other Wheel owners to create a real-time data map of the urban environment. The Copenhagen Wheel also captures energy from the brakes to recharge the batte

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