Tuesday, August 23, 2011

U.S. Geological Survey warnes: although DC initial quake was brief, it might have been a foreshock, meaning the worst may yet to come.

Earthquakes are no longer just natural occurring phenomenas.  A U.S. military ionosphere heater called HAARP is now capable of triggering earthquakes anywhere in the World
An earthquake has never been felt in Washington DC before.

The unheard of occurred in Washington DC this afternoon August 23, 2011. A shallow 5.8 magnitude earthquake shook Washington DC this afternoon. The epicenter was 84 miles SW of Washington DC.

Early in the day another shallow 5.3 magnitude earthquake shook Denver Colorado. Both earthquakes occurred just south of key U.S. government centers.

Washington DC is obvious and Denver is now home to the CIA domestic operations which is responsible for operations and recruitment in the United States. The CIA recently moved there from the CIA’s Langley Virginia headquarters.


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