Monday, August 22, 2011

'Tito, We Miss You': Young Kosovars Lose Patience with Western Foreign Helpers

Frustrated young people accuse the many UN and EU officials in the country of stifling development, and consider their prime minister to be a puppet of the Americans

Conquer, and impoverish! Kosovo is the poorest country in Europe.

Americans are running the show in the capital Pristina. The US Embassy there is in the process of expanding its territory, which already resembles a small city district.

Prime Minister Thaçi a "thief who is stealing from his own people," that enjoys the protection of the "US colonial power," because he is "Washington's vicarious agent."

Capitalism conquest: our politicians are rich. The higher the unemployment in the general population, the bigger their cars and the fatter their bank accounts.

this is valid everywhere where the plague of wild capitalism spreads.

The UN, does little more than eat up its own funds in Kosovo, which it then describes as "nation-building." Some 3,600 non-governmental organizations are registered in a territory about the size of Jamaica

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