Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Around 1 in 3 American children are obese, another 9 % have severe asthma, 2% of boys are severely autistic.

All in the name of corporations higher profits above all.

In U.S. public schools, 13 % of children require special education services to make it through school.

Modern medicine has not been successful at thwarting the growing infertility and birth defect trends.

Infertility rates in the Western world have also skyrocketed.

Over 30 percent of couples are considered infertile and half of babies born today are being born with one or more subtle birth defects.

Predatory uber free market capitalism.

This is a new America, and the rules have changed.

Today, our food is infested with GMOs and pesticides, we pop prescription pills like candy, our guts are barren from generations of antibiotics,
and we are being injected and exposed to heavy metals and excitotoxins at epidemic levels... all in the name of public health.


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