Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

New superpower nuclear war crisis? Russian bombers might be based in Cuba and Venezuela.

A new Cuban Turkish atomic war 1962 crisis? What would it take?

What do Russians want this time?

Usa/Nato out of Georgia, Ukraine? Certainly. Anti missile shield out of Easter Europe? Yes. Armies out of Kyrgyzstan? yes. Out of post soviet Asia? probably ..

But also, out of Afghanistan, Iraq ?? Remains to be seen. What about Baltics ...? The maximum scope would be if they wanted Nato out of Eastern Europe. .. We will get to know. Superpowers will work it out.,0,3740303.story

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. Split between Catholics and Protestants, it was racked for decades by violence

Violence between Protestants who wanted to remain part of the UK and Catholics who wanted to join the Republic of Ireland, which is independent.

Violence spilled over into Britain, with the IRA bombing cities including London and Birmingham. For nearly 30 years, British soldiers patrolled Northern Ireland in armored vehicles and hunkered down in bases surrounded by concrete walls and barbed wire.

Three decades of violence largely faded since the 1998 Good Friday Accord.

Operation Banner, the 37-year British military deployment in Northern Ireland, has ended. The operation lasted from 1969 to 2007.

Northern Ireland now has a power-sharing government and a prevailing peace that had been welcomed by all but radical splinter groups on both sides.