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SlickRun. Simplify your life with this command-line utility and its Magic Words.:

ActiveWords Plus. Launch programs and work within them with this powerful and easy-to-use keystroke macro program.:

Find and Run Robot (FARR). Boss your computer around with this powerful utility and its host of add-ons:

JumpTo. Launch programs and open files, folders or URLs with a simple, small utility:

U.S. Kids Spend Almost 1/3 of Their Day Online, Study Finds. Average of 7.5 hours a day surfing the Web from computers, smartphones, and other gadgets. Five years ago, the Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a survey that determined kids between the ages of 8 and 18 spent a whopping 6.5 hours a day on the Internet. According to the New York Times, one of the study's researchers initially thought that the usage statistics could not possibly increase in the future because of a lack of "enough hours in the day." - (via

Too much choice leaving us bewildered and depressed. Modern life is making us miserable because we have too much c...

Apple iTablet 'similar to original iPhone':

Kucinich Denounces Supreme Court Decision in Citizens United Case. "Today's decision will allow corporations to sp...

Innovative Laptops, Tablets, and Phones on PCWorld Podcast 62:

Please sign petition to President Obama to end Afghan war. War

U.S. says wind could power 20 % of eastern grid by 2024, would require up to $90 billion investment

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Web tools widgets, Twitter? Use,, Instant Web Highlighting: any part of any web page. No Registration, Download, Fast & Free. Potentially sharpest web tool out there

NASA designs one-person hovercraft. lift off vertically, fly horizontally. Nearly silent Puffin

Tallest Skyscrapers - Next 8 Tallest Buildings in the World. Mega-engineering - deepest, biggest projects

Burj Khalifa Could Get Some Competition Soon - Miapolis, city within a city, tower 183 m taller than 828 tallest building Burj. Nice pictures. - (via

How To Remap Your Keyboard Using Three Free Tools [Windows] - (via

Nokia to give away satnav software. Full satnav direction services ? for both road users and pedestrians ? will be...

Most Exotic Animal Species, top weird funny stuff mix links. lizards, animals, fail

Mini Cooper SUV unveiled - Super-sized BMW Cooper Mini

12 greenest cars of 2010 - Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Hybrids - good looking

Wyclef Jean: Haiti Capital Needs Evacuation "Port-au-Prince is a morgue," Jean said at a Manhattan press conference,...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

9/11 Controlled Demolition Inside Operation on The Smirking Chimp site -

Strong aftershock 6.1 hits Haiti. "3 million were still in need of food, water, shelter, medical assistance, UN says."

New 6.1-quake hits Haiti, 6:03 am, people flee into streets Last week's mag-7 quake killed est 200,000, left 250,000...

RT @TheNextWeb: "As soon as @BillGates gets involved things start crashing." First twitts from Bill Gates.

9-11 Controlled Demolition Inside Job 9/11 Perpetrated by Elements of the U.S. Government and Mossad. Private Central...

RT @guardiantech: Was Twitter downed by Bill Gates, by Haiti, or by passing whales?

RT @cnnbrk: USGS reports a 6.1-magnitude aftershock has struck near Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Israel did 9/11? Silverstein is personal friends with Rupert Murdoch, Ariel Sharon, and Benjamin Netanyahu

Do you need foreign keyboard quickly?, click on small keyboard icon Customize your content.

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Petr Buben: CheckingFinder Makes Finding Bank Alternatives a Snap. find, compare and open a high-interes.. @loveu

CheckingFinder Makes Finding Bank Alternatives a Snap. find, compare and open a high-interest checking account. Genius Idea: Although the big U.S. banks might seem like the only choice around, smaller institutions can offer lots of perks, including higher interest rates, a lack of ATM usage fees and no minimum balances. If you?re willing to do your banking online, you can get an account with the best banks, even if you live in another state. - (via

Petr Buben: Creating Your Offline Applications - @loveu

Petr Buben: feature: A tale of two qubits: how quantum computers work @loveu

Petr Buben: David Swanson: What Bush Did To Haiti @loveu

Petr Buben: [How-To] Reset Mac OS X Password @loveu

Petr Buben: Cheapo Car to Get Diesel Boost From Bosch @loveu

Petr Buben: Nokia to Unveil Second Generation Version of the Ovi Store on 21st January? @loveu

Creating Your Offline Applications -

Petr Buben: Wondering if your software will run with Windows 7? Check compatibility for 8400+ programs u.. @loveu

Cheapo Car to Get Diesel Boost From Bosch

[How-To] Reset Mac OS X Password

David Swanson: What Bush Did To Haiti

Petr Buben: Free Networking Tools - @loveu

Nokia to Unveil Second Generation Version of the Ovi Store on 21st January?

WSJ Photographers Document Chaos in Haiti: January 17, 2010

Wife Catches Husband Letting 5-Year-Old Daughter Watch Him Play Assassin's Creed 2

Wondering if your software will run with Windows 7? Check compatibility for 8400+ programs using this Microsoft..

Free Networking Tools -

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 and Apple Tablet PC to be launched on January 27th

WSJ Photographers Document Chaos in Haiti: January 17, 2010:

@SharkGoddess 9/11 is controlled demolition inside job, per irrefutable evidence. we need new investigation.

Tune in tonight from 8 - 10 pm et for Larry King's Haiti: How You Can Help. Tweet CNN using #CNNHelpHaiti. You nev...

A university student who was texting her position has been pulled alive from school's rubble in Port-au-Prince. ht...

Awesome Online Resume/CV #themeforest

Petr Buben: Fwd: French Minister Rips US: 'This Is About Helping Haiti, Not About Occupying Haiti' - http://www..

@wickdaman Oh they're definitely releasing something big. Sounds like it's going to be an iPod touch on steroid..

Don't forget that we're actively seeking high quality tutorials and Plus tuts! Submit to

Fwd: French Minister Rips US: 'This Is About Helping Haiti, Not About Occupying Haiti' - (via

THE STAR ATTRACTION: Glorious pictures of the sky at night taken by Iranian photographer Babak Tafreshi... - (via

Augmented Reality Building Lets You See What People Are Tweeting Inside (video). If you?re not satisfied with projecting videos onto a building, or turning it into a giant pinball machine, maybe you?d like to know be able to read its mind. Japanese company Qosmo, along with Terada Design have transformed the N Builing in Tokyo into an augmented reality display - (via - Haiti earthquake - live up to minute breaking feed - all world news sources reporting - . Sites list, sites. Subscribe at - - Krunch Multiple URLs into One Short URL

Saturday, January 16, 2010

U.S. pours aid into Haiti, survivors fight for food | Reuters

Product Price History, Price Drop Alert, and Price Comparison -

[] Haiti earthquake: updates, history, pictures -

Developing: Hackers used IE zero-day, not PDF, in China-Google attacks

Are Truthers fine patriots or 'crippled epistemologists'? 9/11 controlled conspiracy demolition. Should governm..

RT @WorldNewsRecord: Asking Barack Obama Friendfeed about cognitive inflitration of 911 Truth movement http://a..

[] Haiti earthquake: updates, history, pictures -

McDonald's is introducing free wi-fi in almost all of their national restaurant network


@SharkGoddess read the facts of 9/11 controlled demolition inside job

Are Truthers fine patriots or 'crippled epistemologists'? 9/11 controlled conspiracy demolition. Should governm..

Friday, January 15, 2010

Are Truthers fine patriots or 'crippled epistemologists'? 9/11 controlled conspiracy demolition. Should governm..

Are Truthers fine patriots or 'crippled epistemologists'? 9/11 controlled conspiracy demolition. Should governm..

Are Truthers fine patriots or 'crippled epistemologists'? 9/11 controlled conspiracy demolition. Should governm..

Are Truthers fine patriots or 'crippled epistemologists'? 9/11 controlled conspiracy demolition. Should governm..

Are Truthers fine patriots or 'crippled epistemologists'? 9/11 controlled conspiracy demolition. Should governm..

Are Truthers fine patriots or 'crippled epistemologists'? 9/11 controlled conspiracy demolition. Should governm..

Are Truthers fine patriots or 'crippled epistemologists'? 9/11 controlled conspiracy demolition. Should governm..

Are Truthers fine patriots or 'crippled epistemologists'? 9/11 controlled conspiracy demolition. Should governm..

Haiti links, Jan 15, 2010. Anger, hunger, looting, anarchy?

Are Truthers fine patriots or 'crippled epistemologists'? 9/11 controlled conspiracy demolition. Should governm..

Are Truthers fine patriots or 'crippled epistemologists'? 9/11 controlled conspiracy demolition. Should governm..

Are Truthers fine patriots or 'crippled epistemologists'? 9/11 controlled conspiracy demolition. Should governm..

Are Truthers fine patriots or 'crippled epistemologists'? 9/11 controlled conspiracy demolition. Should governm..

Time running out for people trapped by quake -

Quix Customizable Command Driven Bookmarklet [Internet]

RT @WorldNewsRecord: - RSS feed. How to design widgets and display RSS feeds on your site.

RT @W911: Tweets w/ backbone: @ddjango @lucidnitram @leahita @JanStu @sharpsteve @GndCB @sharpsteve @Ben_Nimrod @OlafWilhelm @nick_ramsay - RSS feed. How to design widgets and display RSS feeds on your site.

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RT @killerstartups: - Turn Any Text Into An Image Easily

RT @gizmag: FIAT shows electric version of its iconic 500 -

Time running out as aid fails to reach Haiti | World news | The Guardian - (via

Haiti earthquake in pictures: The unimaginable horror which has torn a country apart

Are Truthers fine patriots or 'crippled epistemologists'? Should government cure 9/11 Truthers?

RT @WorldNewsRecord: Asking Barack Obama Friendfeed about cognitive inflitration of 911 Truth movement

Developing: Hackers used IE zero-day, not PDF, in China-Google attacks

Cognitive Infiltration - US government wants to infiltrate 911 Truth 'conspiracy' movement and 'cure' it? Are Truthers fine patriots or 'crippled epistemologists'? .....911 is a controlled demolition, let it happen and make it happen, pretext for wars self inflicted wound inside operation. ..... This per irrefutable scientific evidence, and per common sense too. I mean - have you seen the footage of WTC controlled demolition on 9/11? Towers pulverized with the speed close to free fall, 10 floors per second. Nanothermite high military explosive was found on the site, just as pools of molten steel, burning for weeks. Steel buildings, 3 at 1 day, cannot collapse pulverized unto itself as a consequence of office fires or airplane impacts. We need new investigation. - - -

MyTown - interesting real world cyber monopoly gps iphone game. Claim properties, places in the real world. 500 000 users already.

Obama staffer wants ?cognitive infiltration? of 9/11 conspiracy groups. 911 is a controlled demolition, let it happen and make it happen, pretext for wars self inflicted wound inside operation. ..... This per irrefutable scientific evidence, and per common sense too. I mean - have you seen the footage of WTC controlled demolition on 9/11? Towers pulverized with the speed close to free fall, 10 floors per second. Nanothermite high military explosive was found on the site, just as pools of molten steel, burning for weeks. Steel buildings, 3 at 1 day, cannot collapse pulverized unto itself as a consequence of office fires or airplane impacts. We need new investigation. - - -

Haiti earthquake, tragedy beyond imagination. Compares to suffering in Iraq and Afghanistan US aggression occupation wars... Growing desperation grips Haitian capital in quake's aftermath.

Haiti earthquake: Tragedy of Biblical proportions. Compares to suffering and destruction during US UK occupation wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, plight of Palestine, and 2004 Thailand tsunami.

Growing desperation grips Haitian capital in quake's aftermath -

Haiti earthquake: Tragedy of Biblical proportions. Compares to suffering and destruction during US UK occupation wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, plight of Palestine, and 2004 Thailand tsunami.

Haiti earthquake: No food, no water... and gutters running with blood. Horrifying new pictures reveal extent of destruction. Tragedy beyond imagination, Biblical damage. Witnesses described gutters running with blood and children sleeping among heaps of dead bodies after becoming separated from their parents.

Haiti earthquake: 16 Brits missing as horrifying new pictures reveal extent of destruction | Mail Online

How bailed-out US Auto giants GM, Chrysler are ripping off American people. They gave $14 billion in bailout money to Chrysler because they wanted to save jobs. But Fiat/Chrysler is destroying thousands of good jobs, and is not going to pay back $3.7 billion of the bailout that it owes U.S. people... Chrysler?s plan to build electric and hybrid vehicles has been dropped by its new owner, Fiat. a direct slap in the face of U.S. people, who gave Chrysler a huge bailout in part to create more fuel efficient vehicles.

Car Buyers Beware

Haiti earthquake, pictures. Catastrophe of a poor nation. / Multimedia / Slideshows - In pictures: Haiti earthquake

I call for Haiti to be given a chance to join the USA. Capitalist Haiti is very poor, clean water is a problem. Let's welcome Haiti as a new US state or territory, giving them laws, infrastructure, social safety, economic opportunities same as in the USA.

with hundreds of billion$ of dollar$ in aid spent yearly on help to Africa, everybody would have to have a Porsche down there. The problem is wild capitalism, aid is stolen by corrupted generals, who promptly stolen money deposit back in Western banks, or spend or arms and wars.... capitalist aid - IMF, World Bank - keeps countries actually dependent, underdeveloped, impoverished, ready to be exploited by western monopolies and colonial powers / Multimedia / Slideshows - In pictures: Haiti earthquake

Capitalism is bringing poverty, drugs, violence, culture of violence, wars to nations. Successful economic benefits created are not distributed properly - almost as in jungle, there is a of the stronger. Mafia will always cry for ''freedom''.

Despite longterm US military and economic presence and aid, Haiti remains very poor, violent, underdeveloped. Much worse off than Cuba. Why? Is capitalism ruining countries, using them to enrich ruling elites and impoverish peoples and nations?

RT @cnnbrk CNN has obtained exclusive video of the moments after the quake hit in Haiti. Viewer discretion advised.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

RT @petrbuben: RT @gizmag: Textecution app stops kids from texting while they drive - @webrecord @czechs @webnewsrecord

RT @gizmag: Textecution app stops kids from texting while they drive - @petrbuben @webrecord

Haiti Lies in Ruins; Grim Search for Untold Dead. Parliament has collapsed. Tax office has collapsed. Schools, hospitals have collapsed. Churches. There are dead people inside in them. A catastrophe..Power and phone service were out. Flights were severely limited at Port-au-Prince?s main airport, telecommunications were barely functioning, operations at the port were shut down and most of the medical facilities had been severely damaged, if not leveled.. ?Port-au-Prince is devastated

Haiti Lies in Ruins; Grim Search for Untold Dead -

Aerodynamic long tail improves fuel efficiency 15 % at 90 kmh - 56 mph. Proven by test. A chance for aftermarket.

Aerodynamic long tail improves fuel efficiency 15 percent

'Credible threat' from al Qaeda in Yemen. The US is closely monitoring a "credible threat" from al Qaeda in Yemen ...

Honda to show auto navigation multimedia system with gesture recognition. Tokyo Auto Salon opens tomorrow. In car cameras trained on driver, voice recognition on steering wheel. Control and command just by hand gestures, together with voice.

Honda to show auto navigation and multimedia system with gesture recognition

BYD e6 EV from China goes 205 miles between charges, coming to US 2010. Gas at $1/g. Recharged from household outlet, regaining 50 % battery capacity in just 10 minutes. Battery contains fully recyclable chemicals only. 0-60 in 114sec, 87 mph top speed. Operating costs - "gas price" - should be a third of gas vehicle - cca $1 per gallon.

BYD e6 EV goes 205 miles between charges, coming to the US in 2010

First U.S. military aid reaches quake-stricken Haiti -

First U.S. military aid reaches quake-stricken Haiti

The earthquake's power matched that of several nuclear bombs. It's shallowness added to destruction.

''The United States has been heavily involved in Haiti commercially, politically and militarily for most of the past century'' - yet the country, for shame, remains one of the poorest in the world. Why? Capitalist corruption? inefficient aid? no real good will? Cuba is much better off, and going through US total embargo. Haiti is a friend, being aided, yet remains amongst poorest.

Haiti capital flattened. Hospitals collapsed. More than 100,000 feared dead in Haiti quake. The earthquake's power matched that of several nuclear bombs, combination of its magnitude and geographical shallowness made it particularly dangerous. About 3 million people -- one-third of Haiti's population -- were affected by the quake, the Red Cross said. About 10 million people felt shaking from the earthquake, including 2 million who felt severe trembling, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated.... The United States has been heavily involved in Haiti commercially, politically and militarily for most of the past century - yet the country for shame remains one of the poorest in the world ! - corruption? inefficient aid? no real good will?

More than 100,000 feared dead in Haiti quake, officials say -

Unimaginable destruction - Haiti Earthquake 2010. Many aftershocks. How come US friend is one of the poorest on the Earth? Capitalism failing.

Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post

Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Kidney and Liver Function Failure, Study Reveals. GM maize varieties induce a state of hepatorenal toxicity....These substances have never before been an integral part of the human or animal diet and therefore their health consequences for those who consume them, especially over long time periods are currently unknown. "Three varieties of Monsanto's GM corn - Mon 863, insecticide-producing Mon 810, and Roundup herbicide-absorbing NK 603 - were approved for consumption by US, European and several other national food safety authorities."

Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals

Fwd: Video: Haiti capital shocking (via

Ten deadliest natural disasters since 1900:

FriendFeed - Search - haiti -fwd -petr friends:petrbuben

Haiti Earthquake Live Feed - all world news sources reporting. Devastating tragedy of a poorest nation. Country much worse off than for example Cuba, Venezuela, which are being often criticized, but not Haiti. Capitalism, violence, poverty keeps ruining Haiti, and friendship with and of The USA did not help one bit. Shame.

11 Best Foods You Aren?t Eating: beets, cabbage, sardines, cinnamon, dried plums, pumpkin seeds, turmeric, pomegrante juice, blueberries

Fwd: Haiti Earthquake Was the 'Big One' Says Top Seismologist -,8599,1953284,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular (via

Panel Seeks 'Accountability' In Financial Crisis : NPR. 4 big bailed out banks- MOVE your money out - Goldman Sachs Group, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Corp.

Hybrid and Electric Motorcycles.

Earthquake Science: The Haitian Quake Explained:

Light Blue Optics? Projector Turns Any Table into a Touchscreen (Video):

Haiti prime minister tells CNN he believes well over 100,000 have died in earthquake. (via

Adobe Hole May Have Been Used in Google Attack:

Haiti Earthquake May Have Released 250 Years of Seismic Stress:

National Penitentiary in Haiti collapsed and inmates escaped, prompting worries about looting by escapees. (via

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update: 7.0 quake leaves Haiti capital in 'total disaster and chaos' | Photos (via

Fierce Quake Devastates Haitian Capital. no tsunami warning - causing the collapse of the National Palace, leveling countless shantytown dwellings and bringing even more suffering to a nation that was already the hemisphere?s poorest and most disaster-prone. (via

The 'false' pandemic: Drug firms cashed in on scare over swine flu, claims Euro health chief. Swine flu pandemic is 'less lethal' than first feared - (via

Karel ?apek, Czech writer:120th birthday. Capek invented the word robot. Czech Rep is perhaps the only country, with China, where Google is not no one! It is local In Czech Republic newly, limits on drugs were set as 3 times more than even most liberal Netherlands. Czech rep also drinks the most beer per capita in the world. Czech

Jeffrey King, MIT. 9/11 controlled demolition resources.

Mr Jeffrey King early on 9/11 controlled demolition, The Unspeakable Truth.

Google May Quit China! Google released a stunning blog post tonight that details a "sophisticated and targeted attack" on Gmail that "resulted in the theft of intellectual property from Google". Google notes that the attack was not just on Google infrastructure but also on more than twenty other companies from various industries. Google states that they are working with the authorities in the U.S. and will be notifying the companies of the breaches. The attack, Google says, appears to be aimed at "accessing the Gmail accounts of Chines human rights activists". Google does not believe the Chinese gained that objective and states that the Chinese hackers were only able to obtain information such as subject lines and dates, not the content of the emails themselves. - (via The world's hottest glamour mug shots

Elaborate Hit Piece on 9/11 Truth, Prof Jones, Griffin, Fetzer in Pakistan Daily, by one Robert Singer. ,

The Internet - 45 billion Web pages overall and 32 million new domains being added yearly. January 1020

the biggest ever carp, UK. 94 lb, cca 47 kg.

Israeli Robots Remake Battlefield - (via

Electric plugin and hybrid vehicles in Detroit Auto Show 2010

Send RSS to your email -,

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TweetsQueue - Build a queue of tweets for your Twitter account:

NASA moves forward with big Mars exploration plan. Launching newest generation of robotic explorers in 2011. NASA is close to a deal to merge its Mars program with that of ESA - European Space Agency. This is a big step towards manned Mars missions. INCREDIBLE success of Mars expedition 2004. Rovers Spirit and Opportunity were supposed to survive 90 days exploring, yet they function to this day, 6th year. But Spirit got stuck in the sand and maybe it is lost for moving around. Next Mars rover Mars Science Laboratory - MSL - weights 1 ton and size of a small automobile. ... Huge discovery over past years - there is very likely methane in the Mars atmosphere.

NComputing Launches $100 USB Virtual Desktop. Up to nine U170's can be connected to a single PC and still provide a high-definition multimedia experience for every user. Today's PCs are so powerful that the vast majority of people only use a small fraction of their PC processor's capacity. The U170 has connections for the additional user's own peripherals, including keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

Wet Computer Simulates how Brain Cells work on a chemical level. A digital version of neural network. Control tiny molecular robots or direct chemical assembly of nanogears. It may also aid the rise of intelligent drugs that react smartly to chemical signals from the human body.

Detroit Auto Show: The latest in small cars - gallery

When lightning strikes the tallest building in the world - (via

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Octopus is dying? 5 senior associates of Henry Kissinger were killed on Dec 12, 2009, Kissinger himself is missing since and presumed dead, according to senior intelligence sources. Texas law firm Troutman Sanders, which functioned as the central nexus of the Bush/Nazi crime families financial operations, has been shut down by Interpol. The heads of the Bush clan have been put under house arrest and CIA chief Panetta has been silenced, the sources say. We are also hearing President Obama and Vice-President Biden will be removed from power and replaced by Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton possibly by late January 9/11 inside job

RT @AE911Truth: Debate LIVE right now! 9/11 controlled demolition. to Richard Gage, AIA and Ron Craig, Explosives... - The Twitter Client you really want. Multiple accounts, users, services. Also,,, search -

Vitamin D deficiency increasingly common. Cod liver oil is the best source of vitamin D. Wearing sunblock prevents vitamin D production. It might only take a few minutes of sun exposure every day to create enough vitamin D. Wwell-known reputation for building and maintaining strong bones, vitamin D could be tied to cancer prevention and cardiovascular health, and some researchers are looking into a connection between vitamin D deficiency and gum disease

Really Bad Tattoos, this rather disgusting, self defacing para-culture. Prison, gang, crime related.

Manipulated propaganda underreporting of US unemployment. Real number is 17-20%, twice as much as government distorted numbers. They do not count discouraged long term unemployed, and also underemployed people as unemployed. 30 millions are on food stamps. System does'n't count poor people as human beings either, denying them healthcare.

The Military-Industrial Compex is Ruining the US Economy. Illegal Iraq war will cost $3-5 trillion dollars, has increased the threat of terrorism.

Oliver Stone's 'Secret History'. Will the series deal with 9/11 WTC attacks controlled demolition inside let it happen and made it happen operation pretext for wars, self inflicted wound. This per irrefutable scientific evidence. - - - JFK Assassination of President Kennedy by military industrial complex - CIA secret elements with possible foreign collusion. Watch excellent factual video at

China Overtakes Germany as World Biggest Exporter. Liberal social capitalist countries, healthcare systems, suppor...

Some Democrats want to rein in the filibuster. It is the Senate's own rules, not the Constitution, that set 60 votes as the benchmark for cutting off debate. The demands of hitting that 60-vote bar have dashed liberal hopes of including in the healthcare bill a new government insurance option to compete with private companies. Earlier last year, filibuster threats from Republicans and conservative Democrats in effect forced Obama to accept a smaller economic stimulus bill than many Democrats wanted Frustration has intensified since Senate Republicans' no-holds-barred effort to block the healthcare bill

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kevin Barrett's - independent 9/11 Truth free reporting

9/11 Truth Mark Graham talks to Kevin Barrett., -Tsunami warnings, maps.. - Earthquake reports, maps., . -OK! they jump out of frames :/

Twitter trending topics practically useless, did not even register earthquake. they must be hand picked - managed like a propaganda. with live cloud and auto-refresh is much better.

No tsunami warning. earthquake not strong enough for that. West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Information.

6.5 earthquake reported off of Eureka, California. 5:06 p.m. pst: A tsunami is not expected. Power is out in at least one neighborhood in the Eureka area. Two aftershocks have been detected, magnitude 3.8 and 3.7. Quake was felt in San Francisco.

California earthquake by Eureka - shaking, but all should be fine. -

6.5-magnitude earthquake has struck off California's northern coast, the USGS says. (via

Winter wonderland in Europe, pictures. - (via

Cool! Drag the clamps and watch video or other selection :]

Twiglr - When 140 characters isn't enough. This seems to be very much needed - 140 char limit appears to be unnecessarily arbitrary. - (via

Symphony - XSLT-powered open source content management system - (via

Coming Soon: A Full Size ? no jailbreak necessary ? Qwerty Keyboard for the iPhone, iType by ION Audio.:

Monitor Multiple Google Services in Chrome

Having sex twice a week can reduce heart disease in men by half, study says. - I always loved studies. - The study, of more than 1,000 men, shows sex appears to have a protective effect on the male heart but did not examine whether women benefit too. But also, men who have frequent sex might be more likely to be in a supportive intimate relationship. 'This might improve health through stress reduction and social support.' Love - sex has long been regarded as good for both physical and mental who ejaculated through sex or masturbation at least five times a week are much less likely to develop prostate cancer.

TheCadmus: real time filtering service, manages your stream (Twitter, FriendFeed, RSS) by displaying the most relevant content since the last time you checked in. Other apps at the bottom.

Compelling full evidence of ancient microbial life on Mars, carried to Earth in Martian meteorite. Life existed on surface of Mars, or in subsurface water pools, early in the planet's history.

Jaw bone created from adult stem cells. First time a complex, anatomically-sized bone has been accurately created in this way.

Bankrupt California, wrong state budget for 'tough times'. Cutting any and all medical care for citizens without work and/or means is republican stupid, criminal, unwise, anti-business, immoral and violation of human rights. the problem is $1 trillion military budget, completely unnecessary. it ought to but cut in half immediately. the problem is distribution of wealth, of income, a massive defrauding via healthcare schemes, via various tax loopholes. it is bloody wolf guarding the chickencoop - wild self destructive war capitalism.

Friday, January 8, 2010 Is Location-Based message posting For Your Mobile Device. Enter message somewhere, and people using this app and on that spot, will see your message. Huge potential. Another leading app in this is - (via

Germany braces for blizzard as Europe freezes. Europe faced a weekend of weather chaos as Germany braced for a blizzard and authorities warned people to stock up on food and drinking water while Britain and France struggled to cope with heavy snow -* (via

Mind-reading systems as air security. Network of high-tech machines analyzes body language and reads mind. WeCU: The logic is that people can't help but reacting, even if only subtly, to familiar images that suddenly appear in unfamiliar places.WeCU system would use humans to do some of the observing but would rely mostly on hidden cameras or sensors that can detect a slight rise in body temperature and heart rate. Far more sensitive devices under development that can take such measurements from a distance would be incorporated later. ... a souped-up polygraph. It would subject people pulled aside for additional screening to a battery of tests, including scans of facial movements and pupil dilation, for signs of deception.

Open Source iPhone Software - The best open source apps on the iPhone. - (via (via

Navteq Will Map World in 3D, with LIDAR - laser radar. 7 cameras and 64 lasers. Google takes pictures of the world with cameras only. Navteq is owned by Nokia.

My current best iPhone Apps: Productivity, photo, notes, music, media, chat, voip, call, utilities, shopping, files, games. Dec 09.

Sugar, and namely high corn fructose syrup HCFS, intake rise correlates with rise in obesity. Sugars have absolutely no nutritional value.

13 Easy Ways to Save 200 Calories a Day. 1 packet of sugar is 15 cal. Yogurt instead of mayonnaise, fruits, vegetables instead of snacks. Cut soda - up to 200 cal. Diet links.

State Department failed to confirm terror suspect's visa - Gross deadly failure to act, operate and work, or an intention? But possibly intentional failure to stop known terrorist sympathizer from boarding the plane. .... CIA, military complex, need, from time to time, a pretext for war, to be attacked, so that huge sums of money can be spent on military, on security and intelligence apparatus, possibly creating new security bureaucracies, on deploying new expensive security related hardware. WAR IS PROFITS. Peace cannot prevail, it would be a disaster.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twitter-360 Augmented Reality for iPhone 3GS. Visualize friends and tweets. First app using new Twitter geotagging feature.

Add Storage to Home Network with freeNAS for Free:

Seen this JFK Kennedy Assassination, Bush video? It's a game over. And 9/11 is controlled demolition inside operation.

MySpace 9/11 Truth Community - 800+ friends -

photograbber - download Facebook pictures tagged as you, or even friends

Researchers Flip Brain Cells On and Off With Light Pulses, a way to shut down parts of a brain just by shining lig...

Geo Tracking - free website counter, geolocation by ip! Also

Visit counters, website stats:,,,,,, Get clock -" - true Twitter conversation for your website. by

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for smartphone also :

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VoxOx, take control of call voice, video, IM, chat, email, text, fax, social, file share, The Most Powerful Free Service for Universal Communication.. Cheap calls,,

US: 1 in 10 Children in Juvenile Facilities Report Sexual Abuse by Staff: - Create Mobile Apps Without Being A Pro - (via

Real-Time Web, Blog, Social Media Monitoring. Very good tools to follow topics, read the web -,,,

A look at Friendfeed : Social filtering of scientific information - a view beyond Twitter

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

JFK, Kennedy Assassination, again, good video link. Kennedy heroically stood for American national interests, against secret societies, FED, wars. Maybe even Israel nuclear weapons. 9/11 controlled demolition. - Speed Trap Sharing System. Your phone will tell you when approaching a speed trap. Report new traps.

10 Biggest Health Myths Promoted By The Media And Conventional Medicine. Sunscreens are dangerous to health, promote cancer by blocking sunlight, thus creation of vitamin D. They also contain untested toxic carcinogens. The sunscreen industry makes money by selling lotion products that actually contain cancer-causing chemicals. It then donates a portion of that money to the cancer industry through non-profit groups like the American and Canadian Cancer Societies which, in turn, run heart-breaking public service ads urging people to use sunscreen to "prevent cancer." The scientific evidence, however, shows quite clearly that sunscreen actually promotes cancer by blocking the body's absorption of ultraviolet radiation, which produces vitamin D in the skin. Vitamin D, as recent studies have shown, prevents up to 77 of ALL cancers in women (breast cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, brain tumors, multiple myeloma, etc). Meanwhile, the toxic chemical ingredients used in most sunscreen products ar - News, Statistics, Advice, Facts on Health, Wellness, Fitness, Disease

The Laptop to End All Laptops - transparent, see through tablet. Novaled

Electromagnetic fields - EMF, cellphones emit them, are potentially harmful to humans. Virtually all scientists agree that more research is necessary to determine safe or dangerous levels. It's like one big human experiment which we won't know the results of for several decades. There is increased risk of some brain tumors in long term cell phone users. What we do know is that iron, which is necessary for healthy blood and is stored in the brain, is highly affected by EMFs. The permeability of the cell membranes of nerves, blood vessels, skin and other organs is also affected, as well as the intricate DNA of the chromosomes. Every bodily biochemical process involves precisely choreographed movement of EMF sensitive atoms, molecules, and ions..

Nano-magnets in metamaterials pave the way to invisibility cloaks:

Favorite 14 Apps of 2009.

Hearst Skiff Reader is largest yet. Bendable display. wifi, 3G, and hopefully text to speech.

Apple tablet to launch Jan 27, ship March 2010. Game changer? Could redefine the way consumers interact with a variety of content, including multimedia textbooks or newspapers that integrate live up-to-the-minute information from multiple sources. 10" screen likely.

WeFi - Find Free Wi-Fi anywhere in the world, wifi maps, find Friends everywhere!

Paradigm Shift joins the tablet crowd with 10" Android-based EMT-10AB/W, wifi, option of 3G (cellphone data). March 2010, $370

Chevy Volt gets its own smartphone app ? even before it hits showrooms - ability to see how charged your car?s bat...

JFK planned a military strike to prevent an Israeli-Red Chinese scientific partnership from building the first atomic bombs for China and Israel. He sought to thwart the CIA-Mossad-Meyer Lansky partnership that controlled the heroin trade stemming from the Golden Triangle by pulling U.S. troops out of Vietnam. JFK even transferred control of Cold War espionage operations from the CIA to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Through his support of Algerian independence and an "even-handedness" policy towards other Arab nations, JFK infuriated the French Secret Army Organization (OAS) and its Mossad supporters who had sent professional assassins against French President Charles DeGaulle. JFK's brother Bobby, as Attorney General, moved aggressively against the lower levels of Meyer Lansky-dominated organized crime in America. Lastly, the Kennedy family quietly talked about shutting down America's privately owned Federal Reserve banking cartel that has provided vital fiat money financing for Zionist proje

Progressive real news links.,,

Real financial reform: Tax Wall Street gambling speculation, create public bank and public credit rating agency. In Japan, State Post Office is a big lender. Create public central bank, not controlled by private secret societies, but by the public elected officials. Money for bailouts would have bought a public bank, a public option just as in healcare, to keep in check private fraud, corruption, abuses of power, market corruption. Fair competition of public and private enterprise.

ReOpen 9/11. One profile from UK. Links. #911 #911controlleddemolition ,

I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) -- Israeli 911 terrorism ties FOX news report now CLASSIFIED 5

JFK assassination missing link? Israel role? Final Judgment documents how Israel's leaders, the Mossad, the Meyer Lansky-run organized crime syndicate, and a pro-Zionist faction of the CIA colluded to assassinate President ,John F. Kennedy. The general pattern of the JFK covert operation, to include the skillful use of "limited hang-outs," "patsies," and "false flags," has very likely been repeated in various later forms such as in the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, the murder of Martin Luther King, the mysterious death of former CIA Director William Colby, the very suspicious Oklahoma City bombing, and the Mossad-linked "9/11 controlled demolition" of World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001.

Who Killed Kennedy, JFK excellent video. . ?How Bush?s grandfather helped Hitler?s rise to power? ?Bush Prescott nazi connection? . "Israeli 911 terrorism ties FOX news report" Israeli agents were caught in the act of trying to blow up the George Washington Bridge on 9/11.

Inadequate health care kills 45,000 Americans per year, 1 per 10 minutes. We need a real reform, public private universal system.

Monday, January 4, 2010

In pictures: Humpback whales feeding in Alaska:

Fireworks explode around Burj Dubai, the world's tallest ...:

New images show evidence of lakes on Mars, say scientists:

Scientists 'photograph' nano-particle self-assembly:

AP sources: Bomber at CIA base was a double agent (AP):

At Least Seven Anthrax Scares Across Alabama. Letters with white powder sent sent to offices of Senators or Congressmen. 2 federal courthouses closed after receiving such letters. Tests showed no anthrax present.

Locavore, The Top 10 iPhone Apps, Top 10 Everything, Best and Worst Lists

Enable Windows 7 and Vista Secret Control Functionality, God Mode. Create a special control folder, name it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. It will contain all the shortcuts to the Tasks Control Panel and System Settings. Not for 64bit.,, Also, use to greatly enhance Internet Explorer, if that is what you are using.

Mobile Applications by phone -

Limbaugh Lauds Socialist Medical Care in Hawaii. Dick Cheney had socialist pacemakers implanted paid for by the government, George W had a government-paid socialist colonoscopy while in office. Members of Congress over 65 get single-payer socialist medical care from Medicare. Hawaii has had nearly-universal employer-mandated health insurance since 1974..Hawaii has had nearly-universal employer-mandated health insurance since 1974. ... health care premiums in Hawaii, for comprehensive care with small co-pays and deductibles, are nearly the lowest and their costs per medicare beneficiary are the lowest in the nation.- this is how you fight private overcharge fraud..

All travelers flying into the U.S. from foreign countries will receive tightened random screening, and 100 percent of passengers from seven terrorism-prone countries will be patted down and have their carry-ons searched, the Obama administration was notifying airlines on Sunday.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Top 10 tech news stories of the decade. iTunes turned Apple from a niche PC manufacturer to one of the most important companies in American industry.

This is how it looks - buildings topple without 9/11 controlled demolition pulverizing blasting.,

Whale beaching caused also by powerful new military sonars. Powerful sonar system known as Surveillance Towed Array System Low Frequency Active (SURTASS LFA) may soon be deployed in up to 80% of the world's oceans. Intensity levels of LFA Sonar are far greater than those known to harm cetaceans (whales and dolphins) series of mass strandings of whales and dolphins that coincided with documented naval exercises.

Military Sonar kills whales by causing beaching. Other causes are natural - disease, distress. .... my comment- Mr Bob, no, your point of natural causes for this beaching of pilot whales is not supported, and is insupportable without necropsy of inner ear. First, please 1. acknowledge that the article was poorly researched and one sided. Compare to Wikipedia - 2. Wikipedia -"pilot whales are susceptible to beaching", and beached in the past as a direct consequence of a /loud/ sonar. - EXTREMELY good link -> 3. the key logic here is - each whales species are differently vulnerable to new loud military sonars because their inner ears RESONATE at different frequencies. So New Zealand pilot whales beached - were killed - after military ships used sonars to look for wrecks /see link above/. And other species - Cuvier Beaked are killed when other sonars are used. 4. it has also to do with where species lives comp

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Internet-ready hybrid electric bicycle. Oh dam' it! - shift wireless via your iPhone! MIT project turns any bicycle into an internet-ready hybrid electric - The Copenhagen Wheel isn?t a bike itself but rather wheel built around a smooth disk containing a three-speed internal hub, a battery, a GPS receiver, and a variety of sensors to monitor ambient conditions such as temperature and pollution levels. NO cabling!Wheel owners mount their iPhone (or other smart phone) on the handlebars and use it as a controller via a Bluetooth connection to the hub. Use the phone to lock and unlock the Wheel, to change gears, and to collect and view data, such as miles traveled, noise and weather, etc. Because smart phones are also internet devices, this information can be loaded onto the web and shared via social networking applications or compiled with information from other Wheel owners to create a real-time data map of the urban environment. The Copenhagen Wheel also captures energy from the brakes to recharge the batte

Everyday toxics: soft-plastic toys: A new law banned six types of phthalates, linked to breast cancer, decreased sperm counts and birth defects, in soft plastic toys in 2008. Many phthalate-containing toys are still in kids' toy boxes...Canned food, including baby formula: Resin linings in most food and drink cans contain bisphenol A, an estrogen- mimicking chemical linked to hormone disruption, reproduction and fertility problems, birth defects and prostate cancer. Upholstered furniture: Brominated flame retardants used in foam cushions are associated with an array of negative effects, including permanent learning and memory impairment. A pilot study showed a link between PBDEs and hyperthyroidism in house cats.

Nena Baker: The Body Toxic. Hazardous chemistry of everyday things. Phthalates in plastic; bisphenol A in food and beverage containers; flame retardants in furniture and perfluorinated chemicals in food wrappers. Should we be concerned about the effects of these exposures on our health? Powerful argument for urgent reforms to our nation?s notoriously toothless toxics laws, and a clarion for greener, cleaner chemicals in consumer products

Moon hole might be better suitable for colony than crater or sea. Vertical hole, in the volcanic Marius Hills region on the moon's near side, is 213 feet wide 260 feet deep, is protected from the moon's harsh temperatures and meteorite strikes by a thin sheet of lava, could serve as a shelter from the severe environment of the lunar surface, with its meteorite impacts, high-energy UV radiation and energetic particles, and extreme diurnal temperature variations. NASA is reportedly working on plans to return to the moon by 2020 and to set up a temporary lunar colony by 2025 as part of the Constellation Program

Western history books and guides to historic American pioneers trails

In 2010, Your iPhone Could Be a Credit Card Reader - This "new hardware" to me is a misconception and en error. iPhone itself should be - and, practically is - BOTH credit card /cc/ reader and credit card itself. WHY to carry another piece, a cc? That would be so 2009nish. SERVER, SOFTWARE ought to do it, and can do it, all. That is the only correct, and lowest costs, solution path. Customers will setup their credit cards with PayServer, tied to their IPhone/cpu unique id and their password. 'CC Reader" iPhone will display the merchandise, the amount to be paid, and/or any other info, and an ID code/bar, QR?/, readable to PayServer. "CC Customer" iPhone will "Take a snapshot" of this info, and this will constitute, for any and all purposes, a swipe of the card. Why the heck to require physical presence of a credit card, a physical presence on a cc reader, and plus the physical act of swiping the card ?? It would be a half mad mistaken anachronism bordering on ridiculousness. There is more solutions to th

Fuseproject and One Laptop Per Child Unveil $75 Tablet PC.

Watch YouTube With Friends in Real Time, chat. Simple video chat -,

The private controversial lawsuits and scrutiny facing firm Blackwater renamed itself to Xe. Senseless tragic killing continues. 7 CIA officers killed in a suicide attack. The main purpose of CIA forward operating bases in Afghanistan, officials have noted, is to recruit informants and to plan and coordinate covert operations -- including drone surveillance and targeting.

Council of Europe should closely regulate private military and security companies to ensure that their personnel meet the human rights standards which apply to regular armies and state security services. Global turnover of such firms in 2006 was estimated at $200 billion dollars.

Council of Europe will investigate and debate on "Faked Pandemics" - In order to promote their patented drugs and vaccines against flu, pharmaceutical companies influenced scientists and official agencies. Faked "swine-flu"- pandemic was used for marketing risky vaccines.

Watch TV on the web. List at TVneto.

Notes about 9/11 Truth controlled demolition inside operation -,,,