Monday, May 30, 2011

Wake up America. You bunch of idiots! John Best for President, 2012

Rothschild owns both corrupted democratic and republican parties, so as Fed scam.
Ruling elite exported industries to China. ... Vote freely! It is your right.

more videos: declare all primary residence mortgages PAID. John Best for President in 2012
in many normal countries, people OWN their homes, do not mortgage rent them from big banks. - a sharply minded gentleman!!

This summer: $5 gas: ruling republican oil military complex. This speculation robbery is nothing but private taxes.

monopoly price collusion speculation price fixing: corrupted markets. well who cares. poor will pay the rich more. that's why they are poor. all the money will trickle east to China ...:::

Goldman Sachs' crystal ball is proclaiming that oil will soon soar to $135 a barrel

the other oil trading giant that also has the might to move prices, JPMorgan Chase, have already placed their energy bets for the summer. JPMorgan predicts oil hitting $130 a barrel in the coming weeks.


Renown medical examiner expert witness Dr. Michael Baden says that plane crashes dont "vaporize" deceased victims, and that cremation requires a f

cremation requires fires with higher sustained temperatures than office or house fires.

I always find this clip interesting especially since it comes from Fox. Imho.
Kyrnan Harvey Michael, I have come to grasp that the vaporization/pulverization/atomization/dustification of EVERYTHING in Twins is the most important evidence regarding the how. And I think there has been a concerted effort to demonize those that wish to hypothesize Direct Energy Weaponry, which could explain the absolute DUSTIFICATION

Nicholas Soter
‎"vaporization/pulverization/atomization/dustification" (good synopsis)-what really happened? How?

Those are the unanswered questions even positing nanothermites as the cause of the collapses. Huge thick steel beams turned to dust, while paper remained whole. No pieces or parts of offices found, no parts of bodies scattered about, except for microscopic bone fragments found on nearby roofs.

Dust containing all manner of materials found in the buildings spread all over NYC. I would have to see more than Dr. Judy Wood's theories on directed energy weaponry before I bought in to that possibility. However, the current hypotheses don't seem to fit the evidence, either.

I always find this... (7)

my comment:
You know that probably me too il have to move away from controlled demolition only explanation ..and give more credit to some unorthodox new weapons, ala Mr. Tracy Blevins, etc .... may i recognize them.

This Kyrnan line, above, is a crucial one: vaporization/pulverization/atomization/dustification of EVERYTHING in Twins is /ONE/ the most important evidence regarding the how

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Suicide Bombing Against NATO in occupied colonized Afghanistan

Lead German General Wounded After Suicide Bombing Against NATO, Afghan Leaders

Toyota’s Japan Production Falls 78%, Most in 35 Years in April 11

largest decline since 1976, when global output dropped 48 %. Exports fell 79 %.

Honda said its April 2011 Japan output fell 81 %, pushing down global production 53 %.

Nissan said its domestic output declined 49 %, while its global production decreased 22 % to 248,024 vehicles.

Japan natural disaster 3-11-11 reduced the nation’s power-generating capacity by 8 %.

Toyota’s plants will run at 70 % of planned levels in June 2011, up from 50 % in April and May 2011

The company expects production to normalize by November or December 2011.

Toyota will have lost 550,000 units of Japan auto production and 350,000 overseas by the end of May 2011 due to parts shortages following the March 11 - 3/11/11 - quake and tsunami.

To help avert blackouts, carmakers and auto-parts manufacturers will close their domestic plants on Thursdays and Fridays and instead operate during weekends from July to September 2011.

Toyota’s Japan Production Falls Most in 35 Years in April - Bloomberg

well what about electronics companies?

tectonic warfare? no proof. it is possible, but who knows how likely?
911, however proved irrefutably to be inside operation


Friday, May 27, 2011

Life begins when woman wants it. NO to crime forced pregnancies. Cases of violent male rape, to reverse this crime should be almost mandatory. Should criminal rapist genes be continued by forcing his victim?

those hard, violent rapes by males, it should be almost mandatory to reverse the crime. ... myself a male, i cannot imagine well how it feels to bear a child by a violent attacker./? is it another crime, ladies? ... and how is that child going to progress, be loved, reared up? not good. 

is it even desirable to use genes of male rapist to procreate?? or is that unGodly?? 

so those .. "opps we did it, it happened" moments. well why does not woman want it? or welfare father doesnt want it? well address these. she will have status, money, support, so hack, she will DECIDE FREELY to have this child. ...there is no other way suitable, for example like coerced forced pregnancies ....... 

so you tell me now, by not having egg meet sperm, is that already an abortion?? 

so my take on that most difficult question, "when does life beging?" --> LIFE BEGINS WHEN WOMAN WANTS IT TO BEGIN. ..... period. .. that is how we were created by a gracious evolution. - You from Bookmarklet (edit | delete)
so who should be coercing pregnancies?? mind you, those NOT by a violent crime of rape. ...can you force and coerce love? hardly ..... at that point, couples should be adviced, leant on, invited and incentived to keep the child. ... 

should a fact of NOT having babies be made criminal? or should any couple be forced to have children?

 remember, by forcing and unwanted or by crime induced pregnancy, you censor those other, wanted, loved, expected child births ... 

for those of you boasting - I was not wanted, but here I am, nice and well .... GOOD for you! ... but be a little bit compassionate, not selfish ... recognise that instead of you, there might have been some other happy child, not born trough utter traumatic crime of a violent rape. 

so who should be forcing pregnacies ??? nobody. ..lets just campaing, establish a culture of keeping and having children ... instead of present culture of violence, of crime, of poverty, and of violence celebration. 

wars kill much more people than abortions. but since done by male zealots, that fact keeps male zealots cool. - You (edit | delete)
do you want to get rid abortions? get rid of rapes first. period. no other discussion­. .. 

NO to forced pregnancie­s. 

then, create an environmen­t, no poverty, healthcare for parents, return to work for a mother after stay at home, child benefits .... 

create conditions when mother will want to have a child. she should also hear an opinion from a father.

ultimately­, it is a decision of a woman, who she will have children with. - You (edit | delete)

US House Passes Authority for Unlimited Unrestricted Worldwide War.

The House just passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), including a provision to authorize worldwide war, which has no expiration date and will allow this president -- and any future president -- to go to war anywhere in the world, at any time, without further congressional authorization

The new authorization wouldn't even require the president to show any threat to the national security of the United States. The American military could become the world's cop and conqueror, and could be sent almost anywhere and everywhere around the globe.

unconstitutional, of course.

Pakistan shuts down U.S. 'intelligence fusion' cells, tells US to reduce troops in the country

deepening mistrust after the U.S. raid to kill Osama bin Laden and a CIA contractor's shooting of two Pakistani men.

U.S. Pakistan intelligence: Pakistan shuts down U.S. 'intelligence fusion' cells -

Clinton in Pakistan in an attempt to smooth relations,0,6909030.story

Utah To Follow Texas Lead In TSA Grope-down Revolt

lets make it illegal to feel anus, organs, breasts, hips for most passengers.
Utah To Follow Texas Lead In TSA Grope-down Revolt

Trillion$ for free: Fed scam defrauds US, Fed loans to big banks almost for free, they buy US Treasuries, earn profit on national debtn

“What we have in this country is socialism for the rich and free enterprise for the poor.”

Colorado columnist Mary Boland looked at how the Federal Reserve let financial institutions scam taxpayers by using almost free Fed loans to buy U.S. Treasury securities that paid higher interest » -

It turns out that the $700 billion Wall Street bailout signed into law by President Bush, the bailout that outraged us all, was just pocket change.

Federal Reserve also secretly gave the big banks and a few other large corporations $3.3 trillion in emergency loans and other assistance, and more than $9 trillion in short-term loans and other arrangements, all at nearly zero interest

Forget America, right??
- While dishing out all this virtually free money, the Fed did not require these banks to increase lending to small and medium-sized businesses as a condition of their bailout. ....

The Fed did not require banks receiving this money to lower interest rates on their credit cards when millions of Americans who have lost jobs and health insurance are being charged outrageously high interest rates. ......

We now know that the four largest banks holding half of all mortgages in this country received a huge amount of this virtually free money. ....

“the incredible power of a small number of people who have incredible conflicts of interest getting incredible help from the taxpayers of this country while ignoring the needs of the people.” ......

All our economic arrangements need intense re-examination, unless we like having a nation where the real rate of unemployment is more than 16 percent and millions have lost or are losing their homes, life savings, ability to send their kids to college and access to health care is the best little site nobody uses. Acquired by Facebook 2 years ago, but still one of the top of the class.

Russia joins Western colonial assault on Libya. Nato, US, UK, France, Italy.

All wrong. Illegal to assault any country just because it is rich in oil, and resists foreign empire dictate.
Russia joins Western chorus for Gaddafi to go | Reuters

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Power unto itself: End the Fed: $3.3 trillion in private covert lending. Unaccountable.

Fed is a private corporation controlling and profiting from managing US money in a mostly covert way.

accusations that the Fed central bank is a power unto itself, operating according to its own devices and in the interest of major financial institutions -- and beyond accountability to taxpayers.

"That is the fundamental problem with the Fed," Baker added. "They're supposed to be an agency of the government, not an agency of the banks. But reflexively, there they are protecting the banks, again and again and again."

During the week in October 2008 when borrowing under the program peaked, foreign banks received more than 70 percent of the $110.7 billion that the Fed lent out

Federal Reserve Lending Revelations Intensify Criticism Of Central Bank's Secrecy

ALL the Congresses/ALL the White Houses, except JFK's White House = The Red Shield/The House of Rothschild, printing the money of the American people and making loans to the Federal Government at interest with that money.."don't let the word "Federal" Reserve fool you" link (starts at 6:51 minutes)
Please support the video creators by buying the high quality video from their website or by making a donation The AMERICAN D...

Great picture: Dominique Strauss-Kahn Meets Barack and Michelle Obama

From the Time Capsule: Dominique Strauss-Kahn Meets Barack and Michelle Obama -- Daily Intel

Rage Against The TSA: Anti-groping Protesters Storm Texas Capitol

Alex Jones’ spontaneous decision calling on Texans to protest the government’s egregious threat of a federal blockade if the Texas Senate passed an anti-TSA groping bill resulted in hundreds of protesters storming the Capitol in Austin yesterday afternoon.

DC threatening a federal blockade that would have closed down Texas airports if the Texas Senate had followed the House in unanimously passing a bill that would have made TSA groping in the state a felony.

The feds cannot keep relying on mafia-like behavior to preserve the ability of their criminal army of minimum wage perverts to molest children ....

Russia, Bashkortostan: Munition store with 100 000 tons of explosives on fire, exploding.

Explosions might take up to 3 days to rage, shrapnels might shoot 2 miles around.
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Chicago lawyer angered by woman’s distractingly large distractingly large breasts. picture and go.
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patriots akt - Bing Images - Americans fight back with nice pictures

the mess of patriot ackt !

see the airplane? ... it didn't take down no towers. ye. .... and there is a sniper behind the corner. but you don't see him.

they hear all what you've got to say .... so be glad terrorists have no chance.

wild capitalism paradise: foreclosures astronomically high at 28%. normal is 5%. u sell i buy. then i sell u buy. uprooted!

Foreclosure sales slow, but remain very high - Business - Personal finance - Real estate -

Algorithmic evidence of systematic insider trading by members of Congress. Not a smoking gun, but interesting.

Algorithmic evidence of systematic insider trading by members of Congress. Not a smoking gun, but interesting. @timoreilly

Patriot police state ackt: LETS HAVE NET nationwide polls on this beast. 911 controlled demolition.

Patriot Act Extension: Congress Faces Midnight Deadline

Thank you Bushitler. but 911 is controlled demolition, even if you search that anus twice.

Patriot Act Extension: Congress Faces Midnight Deadline

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nasa to abandon Mars rover Spirit. Very successful mission.

News from The Associated Press

Imperialism: Bankers, Drug Wars and Genocide

Mexico’s Descent in the Inferno
Imperialism: Bankers, Drug Wars and Genocide

total number of victims to 40,000 killed since 2006 in Mexico in capitalist drug wars. practically a cold brutal civil war.

Mexico ’s descent into this inferno has been engineered by the leading US financial and political institutions, each supporting ‘one side or the other’ in the bloody “total war” which spares no one, no place and no moment in time.

While the Pentagon arms the Mexican government and the US Drug Enforcement Agency enforces the “military solution”, the biggest US banks receive, launder and transfer hundreds of billions of dollars to the drug lords’ accounts, who then buy modern arms, pay private armies of assassins and corrupt untold numbers of political and law enforcement officials on both sides of the border.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Heavy bombing of Tripolis, Libya. =Baghdad, Iraq, 2003. Colonization. A road to disaster, fast.

UK attack helicopters join the Libya war aggression.
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China has “warned in unequivocal terms that any attack on Pakistan would be construed as an attack on China”.

The warning was formally conveyed by the Chinese foreign minister at last week's China-US strategic dialogue and economic talks in Washington

China also advised the USa to “respect Pakistan's sovereignty and solidarity”

The Chinese leadership was “extremely forthcoming in assuring its unprecedented support to Pakistan for its national cause and security” and discussed all subjects of mutual interest

Chinese leadership will send a special envoy to Islamabad to express solidarity with Pakistan at this “crucial period in its history”

The two countries are also discussing the supply of Chinese J-20 stealth jets and Xiaolong/FC-1 multi-purpose light fighter aircraft to Pakistan. They are discussing the mode of payment and the number of planes to be provided to Pakistan, the report said. China will also launch a satellite for Pakistan on 14 August.

China 'asks USA to respect Pak sovereignty'

Gerald Celente: American economic fall. Recovery? No, a cover up.

Gerald warns us about the imminent world war and economic collapse.

He is pleading for us to stand up and do something, anything, the world as we know it is ending very soon.

Welcome to the Modern Canadian Revolution

My comment:
you cannot have a military superpower without prosperity for its people.
you cannot have only military militarized militaristic economy.
you cannot have epidemic of poverty, crime, joblessness, healthcare-lessness.

American ruling elite, giving itself ever bigger salary increases, hundreds of millions, tens of billions in worth, giving itself tax heavens, tax breaks, state welfare subsidies, American ruling globalized elite betrayed America, no longer representing its interests.

American ruling republi-cratic elite exported jobs, whole industries, wholesale and consistently over last decades - in order to realize bigger profits more quickly.

That is like cutting a branch you are sitting on. Like selling trees to get some fruits.

The way out for the only, uncontested, military superpower?
To conquer the world? To start a world conflict?

Or to start investing in its infrastructure, in its people, giving them real opportunity for decent lives, decent wages, crime free and fear free living environment?

There is no peace, no power, without prosperity.

The way out -
1. Japan, tectonic weapons, 3/11/11 biggest recorded earthquake and massive tsunami. Rehearsal Thailand, earthquake, tsunami 12/2004.

2. Asia, nuclear war on Korean peninsula is always hours away.
That will take care of Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Kia and arounds.

3. Germany, Europe.
Nuclear explosion of rogue al Qaeda bomb. Magneto tectonic weapons - shut down sky over Europe - Iceland volcano erupting again.

Russia ..... do we keep them, as we always need enemies?
Or a stray meteorite suddenly lands on Moscow?
A strong magnetic field over Russia disabling anything made in last decades? Weapons, cars, hospitals, radios, tv, pc.

Where is this unipolar world, where morality has been sold for weapons, violence and wars, headed?

With this amount of nuclear weapons and material accumulated on planet Earth, we are bound to end up on a dump.

A terminal wreck of a history on Earth.

In a human male DNA, a criminal aggressivity is coded, and a free market, free capitalism, does not seem to be able to police it out, to police itself, to cope with and prevent its own self-destruction.

Man will have his injured hand cut off and bionic one attached. Controlled by his nerve signals. Age of borg coming.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Funny, anytime US military complex invades and colonizes another Arab oil country, price of gas goes actually up.

Now severely overpriced gas in US around $4 for a gallon to support extreme profits of big oil companies, which are also enjoying tax breaks and other state business welfare.

The speculation gas prices are around 40% overpriced.

Huge windfall of private taxes.

U.S. weather extremes show "new normal" climate

Heavy rains, deep snowfalls, monster floods and killing droughts are signs of a "new normal" of extreme U.S. weather events fueled by climate change

An upsurge in heavy rainstorms in the United States has coincided with prolonged drought, sometimes in the same location

west Texas has seen a record-length dry period over the last five years, even as there have been two 100-year rain events

NewsDaily: U.S. weather extremes show "new normal" climate

10th anniv of 9/11/01 attacks tragedy. I ask all who understand the Truth, to lay down to the ground for a minute, on 9:11am and 9:11pm on the day of 9/11/11.

To solemnly commemorate the tragedy of victims perished, tragedy of a nation under attack. 911Truth. To remind us that The Truth, The Justice and The Freedom do have their price.

Please wake up. There is a freedom of speech in America, because you are willing to stand up and talk.

NO to wars.

We will never forget.

Then stand up, and talk ... for I already have forgiven you.

9/11 Investigate: 10th anniv of 9/11/01 attacks tragedy. I ask all who understand the Truth, to lay down to the ground for a minute, on 9:11am and 9:11pm on the day of 9/11/11.

New cancer poisoning of California strawberries: methyl iodide. Carcinogen fumigant being allowed in California.

Please fight back. California supplies 86% of US strawberries.
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Iceland volcano erupting. Breaking right now, 5/21/11.|| ¾ of Joplin, Missouri, destroyed by tornado. Set off volcano remotely: W. Cohen.



new weather rollercoaster

severe weather due to climate temperature oscillations
Basically, as we warm the world up, the atmosphere can hold more moisture in it,
The deadliest tornadoes in decades. Severe flooding on the Mississippi River. Drought in Texas, and heavy rains in Tennessee.

Read more:

Iceland air space closed.
Dust may spread to UK, shutting down parts of air space there.
Possibility of later shutting down parts of European air space, as happened the last year 2010 with another Iceland volcano explosion.

“Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that’s why this is so important.” — Secretary of Defense William Cohen, 1997

Tectonic Weapons, ElectroMagnetic Pulse Bomb.

remote earthquake, volcano, tornado : haarp

9/11 is controlled demolition therefore false flag inside op. Irrefutable scientific evidence.

Are we all
4.criminal? -  -  - 

Spanish Revolution: Spain Protests Rock Nation, tens thousands fill The Cities Over 21 % Joblessness

crisis of predatory wild capitalism. rich bankers big corporations steal from everybody.

Spain Protests Rock Nation, Tens Of Thousands Fill The Cities Over Joblessness

Friday, May 20, 2011

America real deficit is a moral deficit: Immoral American capitalism: ideology over morality. Mean, destructive willful desire to block future. poverty rift

widening gulf between U.S. workers and the wealthy -- attaching particular blame to politicians who value ideology over morality.

And not just meanness. Destructiveness. A willful desire to block the road to the future."

"America’s real deficit is a moral deficit -- where political choices come down to forcing foster children to wear hand-me-downs while cutting taxes for profitable corporations," the remarks continue. "Powerful political forces are seeking to silence working people -- to drive us out.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

outsourcin­g a­publicans selling trees to get some fruits. quick, 'cheap' fruits..go­od luck with that..regi­ster as third party

Deep crisis of American overpriced inadequate healthcare patchwork, to benefit profits of big corporations over healthcare of people

yes, Obama gov is not for single payer public private heathcare system. its about hundreds of billions of profits to insurance corporatio­ns over peoples legitimate healthcare needs. ..its a massive fraud. ... people should demand single payer. ..

Reason we spend more and get less than the rest of the world is because we have a patchwork system of for-profit payers.

other advanced nations provide comprehens­ive coverage to their entire population­s, while U.S. leaves 51 million completely uninsured and...

Currently, the U.S. health care system is outrageous­ly expensive, yet inadequate­. $400 billion. stop waste cover everybody

this is the ONLY way to go to stop fascist wasteful healthcare crisis of today. Single pay


About Health Care
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Congo:wild criminal capitalism: Deadly scramble for natural resources: aka for money, for highest profits. Mass rapes, mass civil conflict.

Quest for profits killing nations.
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Wild capitalism devastated Ukraine:live weather forecaster: "disorder, lawlessness and injustice in our country."

Live weather forecasts were changed to prerecorded.
Tragedies of nations of Eastern Europe after destructive revolutions: poverty, crime, mafia style rule, massive thefts, corruption, unemployment.
Societies regressed 100 years back.
Most stricken, like former Soviet Union parts, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, risk slow disappearance.

Sometimes it seems like the beautiful nature is compensating for the disorder, lawlessness and injustice in our country."
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Age of us cyborgs slowly coming, in 3 YEARS! Now: translucent displays, nanocomputer nanorobots floating inside us.

Translucent displays - transparent. mixing reality and projected images.
think about a glass window, upon which screen images will project.
you will still see through, but images generated by computer will be added.

plus, flexible, bendable displays. and all will be touch sensitive.

small millimeter-sized robots to communicate with each other while maintaining diminutive weight and power needs.

our body biological functions will be monitored in vivid detail and sent to you or your doctor.
This will be possible because tiny robots will be living inside of us.

also broadcast private audio messages directly to our eardrums. later, direct brain to brain communication.

These tiny computers will also, in essence, also make any inanimate object "smart."
Google recently unveiled Android @ Home, which is a set of tools and APIs using an open-source wireless protocol that can connect every object in your home.
Everything will be interlinked.
Never again will you misplace your GPS-enabled socks.
Your bottle of Jameson will email you if the babysitter sneaks into your wet bar.
Forks will display the calorie count of each bite.

!!!! Timetable: Expect to see the first human trials of long-term implanted nanobots within three years. We will see linked-in appliances and light switches in the next two years. Smaller domestic objects utilizing nanocomputing will make their debut later in this decade.

7 technologies that will turn us into the Borg by 2021 | DVICE

very soon, we will never know the world and the lives we lived before .....
us ourselves, we will change into oblivion, perhaps.
we will become components of super nano computers.

its all just a program, anyway. a program running inside our brains.

nanocomputing - processors, computers will become part of matter itself.
hence, smart tires, smart bricks - like you don't know it. computing on atom, and subatom levels.

Human Brain Project would build computerized mind by 2024 | DVICE

1 billion laptops can simulate a rats brain power. Human brain, 200 times more computing power needed.

reverse-engineering a small piece of rat brains. This small piece is called a cortical column, and it's made up of an intricate network of some 10,000 individual neurons, each one of which requires about as much computer power as your average laptop to model.

Put 100,000 of these columns together and you've got a model of a fully-functional rat brain.

human looking for a new brain, you're going to need something a little more complicated. Think 100,000 individual neurons per cortical column and maybe two million columns

Human Brain Project would build computerized mind by 2024 | DVICE

Worm Regenerates a Whole New Body From a Single Cell.

One cell is all it takes to rebuild a complete, functioning flatworm, researchers have learned.

The animals possess a special type of cell throughout their bodies, which shares some qualities with human embryonic stem cells.

If scientists can find out how this special cell works, they could someday study ways to use the cells for human tissue regeneration

The findings are the first time pluripotent stem cells have been found in an adult animal.

Worm Regenerates a Whole New Body From a Single Cell | Popular Science

Capitalism in Spain: 21% unemployed. Ruining peoples lives. Social media fuel protests.

Thousands protest economic crisis, high unemployment in Spain -

Accuser in IMF Strauss-Kahn sex case probably has aids. Twice oral sex.

West African immigrant accused France's leading presidential contender of forcing her to perform oral sex on him twice and then trying to rape her as she tried to clean his Sofitel hotel room in Times Square

She told cops that after he sodomized her, she spit out his semen on the floor, a law-enforcement source said.

According to the federal Centers for Disease Control: "It is possible for either partner to become infected with HIV through performing or receiving oral sex."

Medvedev warns West of new Cold War over missile deal - Yahoo! News

Russia President Dmitry Medvedev warned Wednesday Russia could pull out a new nuclear disarmament treaty and enter a new Cold War with the West if the two sides failed to agree on a new missile defence shield.

Medvedev warns West of new Cold War over missile deal - Yahoo! News

do you restore Soviet Union? to undo untold sufferings of people? impoverishment, extermination of nations?
but, in a more democratic, open, market oriented way?

The Middle East Revolution: The Empire Strikes Back: Libya Attacked by the US and NATO

imperial records of the U.S., Britain, France, and Spain, count the number of civilians they have slaughtered in the last 500 years (and on), we can conclude that these countries are the biggest killers of civilians in human history.

According to The Guardian (U.K.), Italy, Germany, France, and Britain were Libya's leading arms suppliers in 2009, providing Gaddafi's armed forces with military planes, guns, ammunition, tear gas, and chemical weapons.

To further please the West, Gaddafi implemented neoliberal economic reforms, including launching a major privatization program. As one observer explained: "In September 2003, the United Nations lifted all economic sanctions against Libya, in exchange for an economic package which included plans to privatize 360 state enterprises, and in 2006 Libya even requested entry to the World Trade Organization."

Partly due to these regressive reforms, Libya's unemployment rate rose to 20% while the prices of rice, flour, and sugar have soared by 85% since 2008. At the same time, Libya's oil wealth was being given to foreign corporations

Gaddafi was thus moving away from the progressive aspects of his rule and towards becoming a client of the Western countries.

There was one crucial concession, however, that he was not willing to grant the West and that was making Libya a military base for the U.S., as Iraq, Bahrain, and Qatar had become.

Unlike the largely peaceful revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, the revolt against Gaddafi started as an armed uprising.

The Middle East Revolution: The Empire Strikes Back: Libya Attacked by the US and NATO

Netanyahu Now in USA for False Flag ASAP! /?

“Today, 5-17-11, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was present for both the U.S. 9/11 and the U.K. 7/7 terror attacks, comes to Washington, DC, and will remain in the U.S. until late next week.

The last time he visited, secret national level nuclear war games began, and four U.S. nuclear reactors had emergencies.”

There are two kinds of false flag attacks that threaten the American people for the rest of May, geological and nuclear. Fukushima suffered both two months ago, and demonstrated the logical extreme of disaster capitalism: depopulation.

both 911 WTC and 7/7/5 UK London bombing are false flag inside operations. 911 being 100% proven, London proven less than 100%.

BREAKING! Netanyahu Now in USA for False Flag ASAP! | Veterans Today