Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ADT, weapon of 21st century. Microwave em - electromagnetic radiation.

Active Denial Technology. Control the crowds. The most revolutionary weapon since atom bomb.

Thermal effects - pain

Non-thermal effects of the electromagnetic radiation : microwave hearing and microwave mind control.
Emission of special microwave pulses at low frequencies and regular intervals causes certain perception, such as hearing of the waves behind the head, buzzing, ringing, beating, etc.

In certain people this causes rapid heart beating or higher blood pressure.

It is known that human brain emits and receives alpha, beta and theta electromagnetic waves of frequencies 5 to 16 Hz inside the human body.

External electromagnetic field emitting microwave pulses of similar frequencies may cause special effects in human beings.

This might be indicated in the name of the weapon by the term “denial”.

According to Sigmund Freud
"Denial occurs in cases where the ego is threatened and a person refuses to acknowledge the reality or seriousness of the situation. Identification involves empathizing with the qualities or characteristics of another favorable person.

Fixation and Regression are related mechanisms which occur during psychosexual development."


U.S. cost of false flag war at least $3.7 trillion and counting

can America be at least one day without some war?

estimates do not include at least $1 trillion more in interest payments coming

due and many billions more in expenses that cannot be counted

NewsDaily: U.S. cost of war at least $3.7 trillion and counting

Monday, June 27, 2011

Heat directly converted to electricity using new alloy

This revolutionary energy conversion method could have wide-sweeping impact on creating environmentally friendly electricity from waste heat sources, like cars exhaust, power plants,

Generating 'green' electricity: Waste heat converted to electricity using new alloy

Fleeing Russian spy: one of Moscow's most embarrassing intelligence failures since Cold War

Poteyev had access to almost all the secrets about Russia's spying

operations in the United States

significant damage to Russian security. Sentence of 25 years in prison.

hitman had been sent after the man who betrayed Russia's spying operation

The unmasking of the spy ring made Poteyev one of Russia's most senior

turncoats in decades

fled Russia by traveling to Belarus where U.S. intelligence agents spirited

him back to the United States.

NewsDaily: Fleeing Russian spy told wife to "be calm"

Sunscreens. 90% have OMC, octyl methoxycinnamate. Kills mouse. DO NOT use.

common ultraviolet A filter, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, also demonstrated toxic properties

Toss your sunscreen in the trash if it contains any of these questionable chemicals:
harmful chemical in a sunscreen
Toss your sunscreen in the trash if it contains any of these chemicals I consider to be potentially harmful.
  • Para amino benzoic acid...
  • Octyl salicyclate...
  • Avobenzone...
  • Oxybenzone...
  • Cinoxate...
  • Padimate O...
  • Dioxybenzone...
  • Phenylbenzimidazole...
  • Homosalate...
  • Sulisobenzone...
  • Menthyl anthranilate...
  • Trolamine salicyclate...
  • Octocrylene...

good ingredients:

Titanium Dioxide (6.0%) & Zinc Oxide (6.0%):

I personally would not use sunscreen containing nanoparticles.


Summer Survival Kit - Natural Sunscreen with Green tea Dr. Mercola's Bug Spray

safe usage of cell mobile phones -

Sunday, June 26, 2011

2 feet floodwaters surround Nebraska nuke plant after breach

More than 2 feet of water rushed in around containment buildings and

electrical transformers at the 478-megawatt Fort Calhoun facility located 20

miles north of Omaha.

Crews activated emergency diesel generators after the breach, but restored

normal electrical power by Sunday afternoon

NewsDaily: Floodwaters surround nuke plant after breach

New deadly drug spreading quickly among young in capitalist oligarch Russia

The average user of krokodil, a dirty cousin of morphine that is spreading like a virus among Russian youth, does not live longer than two or three years, and the few who manage to quit usually come away disfigured.

Russia's Krokodil Addiction: Deadly Designer Drug Spreads - TIME

Chernobyl Times Ten: Fukushima and the Radioactive Sea. Fission still going on.

And, was 3/11/11 remotely induced? Haarp indications.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Switch on, regulate genes at the flick of a light switch: Human cells fitted with synthetic signaling cascade

Controlling the genes! With an outside light.

Genes at the flick of a light switch: Human cells fitted with synthetic signaling cascade

Exciting! Sleep switch found in fruit flies

20 cells in the brains of fruit flies controls when and how long the flies sleep.

Slumber induced through this sleep switch was essential to the creation of long-term memory, directly proving a connection between memory and sleep that scientists have long suspected.

induced sleep state so far appears to be very similar to spontaneous sleep

That means we can manipulate these cells to explore a whole new realm of questions about the purposes of sleep.

Such studies might one day lead us to more natural ways of inducing sleep in humans."

sleep itself was important for the consolidation of memory

Sleep switch found in fruit flies

Radiation leaking from Fukushima plant right now and on. Who cares.

Trying to cool down three molten reactor cores and stop radiation leaks to end a crisis set off when the 3-11-11 earthquake and tsunami crippled the plant.

The job is expected to take several more months, and is complicated by massive amounts of radioactive water that could soon leak into the sea.

About 110,000 tons of tainted water have accumulated, and it could start overflowing in early July 2011 unless workers get a trouble-plagued water treatment system working properly.

The system became fully operational a week ago but shut down after a few hours when one of the radiation absorbing cartridges reached its limit much more quickly than expected.

News from The Associated Press

Fascist aggression: Nato not protecting civilians, but armed rebels fighting for power.

Nato wants to steal the vast oil reserves of Libya.

NATO chief says alliance will finish job in Libya | Reuters

A psychological gap exists between the people who accept the truth that 9/11 was an inside job and the people who can not come to the same conclusion because it is too painful, depressing, and earth-shattering.

I have made it my personal mission in life, along with thousands of other people, to bridge this psychological gap so that people see the 9/11 event from an entirely different perspective – from the innocent victims’ point of view, not from the evil government conspirators’ point of view.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

HAARP magnetometer data shows Japan 3/11/11 earthquake was induced. ULF 2.5 Hz frequency is evidence of induction.

The United States Air Force and Navy has provided a visual insight into what caused the 9.0 magnitude off of Japan on 3-11-11.

What is the significance of a 2.5 Hz ULF broadcast?  
The natural resonance of an earthquake is 2.5 Hz. Scientists working for the United States military discovered this using the phased array antennas at the HAARP facility in Alaska.

Small Radiation found in whales off Japan

Two of 17 minke whales caught off the Pacific coast of Hokkaido showed traces of radioactive cesium, both about one-twentieth of the legal limi

The government has banned fishing around the coastal nuclear plant.

The March 11, 2011 disaster knocked out power and crucial cooling systems at the Fukushima plant, melting fuel in three reactors and leaking massive radiation into the environment.
Some radioactive water was released from the plant into the ocean, causing concerns about contamination of seafood.
The leakage stopped after the plant operator sealed cracks, built oil fences around the plant and took other steps.
On Wednesday, plant workers tested a treatment system for highly-radioactive water now kept in temporary storage that may overflow within days. The idea is to decontaminate the water and eventually reuse it as core coolant

Radiation found in whales off Japan - Story - Environment/Sci - 3 News

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

average American worker in 2008 earned $400 less than in 1988, when adjusting for inflation. Concentration of wealth among the richest Americans have

have also drained the country of its economic resources, consequently dividing the middle class and weakening demand

Robert Reich Solves The U.S. Economy In Two Minutes (VIDEO)

the terrible concentration of wealth into the hands of few multi billionaires is not democratic

majority should hold a majority of wealth

trickle up and away is not a good system

My 911Truth comments cenzored on 911 good article in official media.

My repeatedly censored comment:

9// controlled demolition false flag operation, per irrefutable scientific evidence, per common sense.

I then added this:

Huffpost, if you will keep cenzoring me in America, il sue you for $10 million.
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'The Big Lie': 9/11 Truther Comic Book To Be Released In September

9// controlled demolition false flag operation, per irrefutabl­e scientific evidence, per common sense.

Www.krunch­ www.ae911t­ www.911inv­estigate.b­­m

Huffpost, if you will keep cenzoring me in America, il sue you for $10 million.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Unlocking Secrets of Brain, genes, behavior, of living organisms construction

we will find out we are complex programs running on a very complex computers - brains, with structure given and driven by genes.

Roundworm, 1 mm long, - the study of its nervous system offers one of the most promising approaches for understanding the human brain, since it uses much the same working parts but is around a million times less complex.

worm brain, which has just 302 neurons and 8,000 synapses, or neuron-to-neuron connections. These connections are pretty much the same from one individual to another, meaning that in all worms the brain is wired up in essentially the same way.

human brain, a structure with billions of neurons, 100,000 miles of biological wiring and 100 trillion synapses.

which of the worm’s 302 neurons controlled its chemical-tracking behavior. - /understand and control, predict behavior

molecular basis for the sense of smell: there are about a thousand genes, at least in rats, that make odorant receptors, proteins that stud the olfactory nerves’ endings in the nose and respond to specific odors.

The worm C. elegans genome had just been decoded, and Dr. Bargmann was able to identify the worm’s odorant receptor genes. In fact, they have 2,000 of them, twice as many as the rat.

These are the same kind of connections as those made by human neurons. But worms have another kind of connection.

neuron connections - synapses.
Besides the synapses that mediate electrical signals, there are also so-called gap junctions that allow direct chemical communication between neurons.
The wiring diagram for the gap junctions is quite different from that of the synapses.

two separate brain neurons wiring diagrams superimposed on each other, but there is a third system that keeps rewiring the wiring diagrams.
This is based on neuropeptides, hormonelike chemicals that are released by neurons to affect other neurons.
The neuropeptides probably help control the brain’s general status, or mood

this constant rewiring may be a reason why the worm’s behavior cannot be computed from the wiring diagram: the pattern of connections is changing all the time under the influence of the worm’s 250 neuropeptides.

The worm has 22,000 genes, almost as many as a person, and its brain is a highly complex piece of biological machinery.

What would be required to say that the worm’s nervous system was fully understood?
“You would want to understand a behavior all the way through, and then how the behavior can change,” Dr. Bargmann says.
“That goal is not unattainable,”

great! ....

great article.

Robbing the world - austerity programs for poor workers, all the money to a few rulers, corporations

most extreme package of spending cuts, tax rises and privatisations ever faced by any developed country

Rise Europe People before you become slaves of medieval times, of robber barons!

Athens protests: Syntagma Square on frontline of European austerity protests | World news | The Guardian

THE RISE OF CHIMERAS! Transgennic organisms. Pigs can grow human organs. And humans can be pigs.


is this a 7 headed dragon appearing just before the end of world?
stem cell breakthrough - create chimeric animals that have organs belonging to another species by injecting stem cells into the embryo of another species.

update >>>

researchers injected stem cells from rats into the embryos of mice that had been genetically altered so they could not produce their own organs, creating mice that had rat organs.

Pigs could grow human organs in stem cell breakthrough - Telegraph

the real new development is a possibility to create brand new forms, shapes of life. constructing living organisms. many shapes, functions.

Microdrones, Some as Small as Bugs, Are Poised to Continue a Cancer of Wars

How to hide in plain sight. Microaviary, replicate flights of moths, hawks, flies, other animals.

prototype of a mechanical hawk that in the future might carry out espionage or kill.

/yes, hawks can kill already, just not republican hawks/

From blimps to bugs, an explosion in aerial drones is transforming the way America fights and thinks about its wars.

Pentagon now, 2011, has some 7,000 aerial drones, compared with fewer than 50 a decade ago, expects 536 of new multiple role - spy and kill - drones.

Pentagon asked Congress for nearly $5 billion for drones next year, and by 2030 envisions ever more stuff of science fiction: “spy flies” equipped with sensors and microcameras to detect enemies, nuclear weapons or victims in rubble

Predator drone is being used in assassinations throughout Arab countries, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan.

Last summer, fighter jets were almost scrambled after a rogue Fire Scout drone, the size of a small helicopter, wandered into Washington’s restricted airspace.

"It is a bad thing if we didn’t have a just cause for wars in the first place"... but how is military supposed to make money, to justify its existence, on government welfare?

Microdrones, Some as Small as Bugs, Are Poised to Alter War -

wars is a failure of morality, of diplomacy, of common sense, of common reason, of law, of humanity.

war is a devils instrument. so is a gun, a weapon.

we all must carry out a mutual disarmament.

disturbed aggressors do not have place on this planet.

Monday, June 20, 2011

US nuke regulators NRC weaken safety rules. Time and again. To save money.

Rising fears that these accommodations by the NRC are significantly undermining safety — and inching the reactors closer to an accident that could harm the public and jeopardize the future of nuclear power in the United States.

Examples abound.

AP IMPACT: US nuke regulators weaken safety rules - Yahoo! News

Noninvasive brain implant could someday translate thoughts into movement

BioBolt is implanted in the skull beneath the skin and the film of microcircuits sits on the brain.

brain implant uses the body's skin like a conductor to wirelessly transmit the brain's neural signals to control a computer, and may eventually be used to reactivate paralyzed limbs. technology is years away.

Currently, the skull must remain open while neural implants are in the head, which makes using them in a patient's daily life unrealistic

BioBolt does not penetrate the cortex and is completely covered by the skin to greatly reduce risk of infection

Noninvasive brain implant could someday translate thoughts into movement

110 US fatalities on road every day. More progress needed for 100% accident proof traffic.

long-term goal of "intelligent transportation": cars that can "see" and communicate with other vehicles, making them able to prevent crashes virtually 100 percent of the time

Intelligent onboard transportation systems to prevent car crashes?

Head-Mounted Laser Microscope Peers Inside Mice's Brains as mouse moves freely.

Since rats and humans probably share similar decision-making mechanisms, this technology could help us understand how we make choices

Head-Mounted Laser Microscope Peers Inside Mice's Brains | Memory, Emotions, & Decisions | DISCOVER Magazine

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What happened at Fukushima? Claim: nuclear tsunami. WHERE is seismic damage? Houses hit by tsunami were all standing. Explosion at power plant?

Explosion at nuclear Fukushima power plant could not have occurred as officially described, hydrogen explosion, from tsunami damage. It must have been nuclear demolition explosion, to cause severe damage seen.

These are hypotheses in progress. If this was Haarp attack,, it will very likely be supremely compounded, veiled, masked and obfuscated so that no one will ever be able to clearly decrypt, what exactly happened.

We have only very few solid facts - one is that 911 is controlled demolition, 100%.
Claims about Fukushima are not scientifically irrefutably verified.

However, a claim that hydrogen explosion could not have caused damage seen at Fukushima reactor concrete casing seems to be a valid one.
Just as an apparent lack of seismic damage to houses when tsunami was hitting.

It would be no surprise that several attacks were conducted together, each masking the other.

Fukushima is Still Leaking! And No One Cares…. | USAHM Conspiracy News

haarp - earthquakes can be triggered remotely by now, just as tornados and volcanoes.

some indications that 3/11/11 was remotely set off

3-11-11 induced by haarp :

Astaxanthin - The Most Powerful Carotenoid Antioxidant

Astaxanthin is by far the most powerful carotenoid antioxidant when it comes to free radical scavenging: astaxanthin is 65 times more powerful than vitamin C, 54 times more powerful than beta-carotene, and 14 times more powerful than vitamin E

If your salmon label does not read "wild" or "naturally colored," you're probably going to be eating a coloring agent somewhat closer to motor oil than antioxidant.

Natural astaxanthin is more than 20 times stronger as an antioxidant than synthetic astaxanthin.

Eating a variety of fresh organic foods—and incorporating supernutrients like astaxanthin—is the best approach to health, along with good sleep, exercise, and earthing.


Astaxanthin - The Most Powerful Carotenoid Antioxidant

Move Like a Hunter-Gatherer, Live Longer

If you want to reduce your risk of chronic disease and live longer, you might want to try behaving like a hunter-gatherer. Hunter-gatherers tended to engage in short bursts of physical activity followed by periods of rest, and health experts are agreeing that this may be a healthier way to live.
Hunter-gatherers probably expended between 800 and 1,200 calories per day in physical activity. The average American today, however, expends only a small fraction of this energy -- with the result being that stamina, muscle strength, and flexibility aren't maintained.
According to Yahoo Health:
“What's more, our inactive ways cause us to miss out on yet more healthful habits enjoyed by hunter-gatherers -- socializing and outdoor living ... Human beings lived for eons as hunter-gatherers, so it's not surprising that our bodies are built to thrive under physically demanding conditions outside.


Why Are There So Many Food Allergies in US Now?

Between 1997 and 2002 the number of peanut allergies doubled, and the number of hospitalizations related to allergic reactions to food increased by a whopping 265% .

One out of 17 US children now has some form of food allergy. And allergy rates are rising.

Is There Something "Foreign" in Our Food Today that Wasn't There Before?


Processed foods in general can contribute to allergies for a number of different reasons. Most processed foods contain a variety offood colorings, flavors, preservatives, and other additives can have a major impact.

But there's another, even more insidious hazard lurking in American food stores...

In the mid-1990's, new food proteins were engineered and introduced into our food supply, yet many people are still, to this day, clueless about this.

It was clearly done to maximize profitability for the food industry, yet NO human trials were ever conducted to see if these genetically engineered proteins were actually safe for animal- and human consumption.

First to be alter was a milk, which incidentally is also number one food allergen in the US.


Why Are There So Many Food Allergies Now?

Dr Burzynski, 1970. US gov FDA criminally suppressed cancer treatment. Antineoplastons. Why you ask. Money for big business of big wild capitalism.

This documentary takes you through the treacherous 14-year journey Dr. Burzynski and his patients have had to endure in order to finally obtain FDA-approved clinical trials of antineoplastons.
His story is yet another testament that fact can be far stranger than fiction, as the film exposes the powerful, unscrupulous forces that work to maintain the status quo of the medical- and pharmaceutical industry atany cost—including the lives of millions of people.


Burzynski the Movie - site out of order

Thursday, June 16, 2011

First self-powered nano device with wireless data transmission

Feasibility of a futuristic genre of tiny implantable medical sensors, airborne and stationary surveillance cameras and sensors, wearable personal electronics, and other devices that operate independently without batteries on energy collected from the environment.

minute amounts of electricity that can be harvested from the pulse of a blood vessel, a gentle breeze, or the motions of a person walking

It is entirely possible to drive the devices by scavenging energy from sources in the environment such as gentle airflow, vibration, sonic wave, solar, chemical, and/or thermal energy,

transmits at 30 feet - 10 meters

First self-powered device with wireless data transmission

Sunday, June 12, 2011

NATO dumping DU radiation on Libyan civilians. 8000+ bombing strikes already.

NATO launched nearly 3,200 attacks with depleted uranium bombs against civilians in Libya. Sovereign Libya funds of $70 billion. Who's gonna steal that wealth?

Depleted uranium, weapon of mass destruction, is a radioactive substance that causes serious injuries in the renal and digestive tract, cancer in the lungs and bones and neuro-degenerative or congenital malformation in human beings.

The explosion of a DU munition reaches ten thousand degrees centigrade and releases highly toxic dust and contaminants that can travel thousands of miles.

The dissipation of these particles may last for millions of years, so its effects on the environment and the inhabitants of the areas affected are perpetuated for generations.

The robbery of Libyan funds will have a particularly strong impact in Africa. On this continent, the Libyan Arab African Investment Company made investments in over 25 countries, including 22 in sub-Saharan Africa, planning to increase them over the next five years, particularly in mining, manufacturing, tourism and telecommunications.

NATO dumping radiation on Libyan civilians - English

Western Aggression on Libya, Libya sovereign fund of $150 billion and growing

The objective of the war on Libya is not just oil, whose reserves (estimated at 60 billion barrels) are the most important in Africa and whose extraction costs are among the lowest in the world.

Not so little also, natural gas, whose reserves are estimated at about 1.5 trillion cubic metres.

In the crosshairs of "volunteers" of operation "unified protector" are also the sovereign funds, the wealth, the Libyan capital that the state invested abroad.

Sovereign funds managed by the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) are estimated at 70 billion U.S. dollars, soaring to more than 150 when including foreign investment of the Central Bank and other bodies.

And they could be even more important. Although lower than that of Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, Libyan sovereign funds are characterized by their rapid growth.

The management of sovereign funds, in the hands of ministers and senior officials, however, created a new mechanism of power and corruption that probably escaped from Gaddafi's own control - as confirmed by the fact that in 2009 he proposed that the 30 billion dollars of oil dividends were to go "directly to the Libyan people." This has exacerbated the internal divisions within the Libyan government.

Japan official: ~entire JAPAN could become UNINHABITABLE~

Worse than meltdown, government report says devastating 'melt-through' has occurred at Fukushima; Official suggests Japan could become 'uninhabitable'.

senior political official Ichiro Ozawa suggested in an interview with The Wall Street Journal(WSJ) that the Fukushima situation could make the entire country of Japan"unlivable."


Worse than meltdown, government report says devastating 'melt-through' has occurred at Fukushima; Official suggests Japan could become 'uninhabitable'

here is your new world order

haarp can do this.

E.coli inside job: engineered biological attack on Germany and Europe

Forensic evidence reverse engineered genetic code: artificial exposure to potent antibiotics - its how e.coli could have magically become resistant to eight different classes of antibiotic drugs and then suddenly appeared in the food supply?

Forensic evidence emerges that European e.coli superbug was bioengineered to produce human fatalities

this attack might be mild compared to what modern science and bio chem warfare has at its disposal.

millions would die easily, shortly and quickly. and who'd be to blame? a disneiland?

New NASA research: possible HAARP remote set off Japan earthquake, tsunami evidence

Strange atmospheric anomalies over Japan just days before the massive earthquake and tsunami struck on March 11 - 3/11/11.

Seemingly inexplicable and rapid heating of the ionosphere directly above the epicenter reached a maximum only three days prior to the quake, according to satellite observations, suggesting that directed energy emitted from transmitters used in the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) may have been responsible for inducing the quake.


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John Edmiston Milich likes Kazi Kearse's link.
New NASA research points to possible HAARP connection in Japan earthquake, tsunami

Friday, June 10, 2011

China ratings house says US defaulting on its massive debt.

Beijing urged Washington to put its fiscal house in order.

"In our opinion, the United States has already been defaulting," Guan Jianzhong, president of Dagong Global Credit Rating Co. Ltd., the only Chinese agency that gives sovereign ratings

Washington had already defaulted on its loans by allowing the dollar to weaken against other currencies -- eroding the wealth of creditors including China, Guan said.

China is by far the top holder of US debt and has in the past raised worries that the massive US stimulus effort launched to revive the economy would lead to mushrooming debt that erodes the value of the dollar and its Treasury holdings.

Cell phone radiation levels - protect yourself. Hold set at distance. Huge, 10x differences in cell phone set radio emissions.

shortly, roughly, lowest emits Samsung, highest pollution threat from Motorola.
see the rankings - health advice, rankings

US architect R. Gage in Europe on 9/11 speaking tour, Official gov 911 story is a lie.

20 June London. The Royal Institute Of British Architects (RIBA) 66 Portland Place, London W1B 1AD. 7.00pm

Top US architect in Europe on 9/11 speaking tour -

911 is controlled demolition inside false flag operation, per irrefutable scientific evidence, and per common sense.

The end of coal, of atom? Every 40 minutes, enough solar energy hits USA to cover its energy needs for 1 year !!

Windpower Could Provide 40 Times Earth's Power Needs !!

In 6 hours, deserts receive more solar energy than humankind uses in 1 year!!

SolarThermal - FriendFeed

German solar Africa project

Murdering heads of defiant states everywhere, world is becoming a criminal fascist. No laws.

911 very definitely is a point of no return.

Leave it to Libyans to decide and set their lives in their own country. This is crazy.

Gaddafi A Legitimate Target, Says NATO Official

foreign financed violent government and law overthrow:
Libya's main opposition group appealed Thursday for urgent infusions of cash from foreign nations to help support the rebellion against Moammar Gadhafi and said a meeting of countries backing NATO's military mission over the country would be a "total failure" if financial assistance was not forthcoming.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Iran can produce nuke within 2 months. Airstrikes can no longer stop nuclear program, US can do nothing short of military occupation.

Tehran has produced 38.3 kg of uranium enriched at 19.7%. If its centrifuges continue to work at the current capacity, it will take around two months for the Iranian regime to produce the 20 kg of uranium enriched to 90% required for the production of a nuclear warhead.

Researcher: Iran can produce nuke within 2 months - Israel News, Ynetnews

Saturday, June 4, 2011

HAARP explained. Remotely set off earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes? Yes. Frequency resonation is the key. Extremely high temperature, and high intensity magnetic fields.

Playing and triggering vast Earth energy systems. Ionosphere manipulation. High energy density focused beams can trigger tremendously powerful energetic phenomena.

HAARP is beaming high energy density radiowaves into atmosphere, specifically ionoshepere.

Disturbances in ionoshpere will prevent /satellite/ communications, for example, destroy, deflect missiles.

Earth Ionoshpere holds tremendous amounts of energy. Haarp beams is the trigger.

If you shoot a small bullet into a thin balloon filled with billion tons of water, you release this water load. This is what Haarp does with ionosphere latent energy load.

Haarp generates tremendous temperatures and very high intensity magnetic field.

Haarp beams move, shift ionosphere to precipitate weather phenomena like lighting, weather patterns, and other.

The frequency resonation is the key to triggering earthquakes, volcanoes and tornadoes, by focusing high energy density beams on desired targets.

The principle is the same as, for example, that of wind blows of certain frequency can sway, and finally collapse a big steel bridge.

Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse due to wind energy frequency resonation

The key is the frequency at which various objects, earth strata, resonate. Tune in, and set off an eruption, an energy release, a disruption.

------------ update
Angels Don't Play This HAARP - Japan earthquake 3-11-11 was artificially set off with HAARP concentrated energy beam. |The NASA evidence.

this blog post and HAARP info at


via Terribly powerful and Total Destruction Weapons at our disposal. EMP. Eastlund's discovery - Cooking the atmosphere.

haarp, new weapons, dui, : google Leuren Moret, the top specialist on the matter - possible bio attack on Germany