Sunday, September 18, 2011

S. Korea worst ever unprecedented 5 hour blackout. Chaos. Haarp attack? Cyber war? Overload? Sun storms radiation?

More than 1.6 million homes, including 400,000 in Seoul, were affected by Thursday's rare power outage which disconnected mobile phone networks and closed bank cash dispensers.

The blackouts sparked chaos across the country, with many people trapped in halted elevators, vehicles caught in gridlock with traffic lights out and factory assembly lines stopped.

Power cuts are rare in South Korea, a country with high-quality infrastructure. Newspapers said the scale of disruption was unprecedented.

Haarp attack? Cyberattack?
South Korea is, with Japan, China and Germany, overruning the world economically.
Threatening the dollar.

Overload of the network? Miscalculation? Probably not, but not excluded.
We will never know.

Sun spots - flares, sun magnetic storms causing widespread power networks and communications failures. Possible to probable.
Warnings were issued before the last series of heightened sun spots activity

lets remember about 10 days ago, a similar large blackout of Southern California and border parts of Mexico

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