Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Active Military Look for 9/11 Truth at Veterans For Peace Rally in Daytona Beach | Veterans Today

VETERANS FOR PEACE and WE ARE CHANGE joined forces to expose the 9/11 government lies.

The 2 day event succeeded in reaching more than 1,000 motorists and pedestrians with free DVD’s and literature promoting 9/11 Truth as presented by Richard Gage, AIA and over 1,500 Architects and Engineers in the powerful new DVD release:

9/11: Explosive Evidence – EXPERTS SPEAK OUT.

After a decade of lock-step government and media lies, Americans have now earned the right to say: “9/11 is a Government Cover-up!”

This “revolutionary” documentary presents dozens of building experts and engineers who provide irrefutable technical analysis to explain how the government’s story about the events of 9/11 cannot possibly be true.

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