Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Supporters of the official 911 report reduced to apologists, advocates for pseudoscience. The Report has now been debunked.

911 Mysteries" and "Loose Change" provide lots of good commentary and facts. Then, the new "9/11: Explosive Evidence" features a selection of the 1500 “Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth” members--seasoned professionals with impeccable credentials--who insist that the official account is as reliable as reports of an imminent visit by the Good Tooth Fairy.

This film is solid science, not speculation, nor rant, and the testimony of architects, structural engineers, demolition experts, and physicists is convincing.

A number of architects and structural engineers have noted the solidly robust design of the Towers, with unusually massive vertical supports--both in the core, and on the perimeter, designed to withstand aircraft collision, and seismic and hurricane activity.

In diagrams provided by the official report (and “Mechanics Illustrated,” e.g.), these supports are frequently omitted

from the comments, Dr. Halle

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