Friday, September 16, 2011

Monthly Terror Drills Now By Law Including Kindergarten, 1st Graders. Militarism. Children Terrified.


Militarised militaristic society. War and crime psychosis.

Schools must hold at least twice a year, in addition to the twice a month fire drills the following:

•Active shooter
•Evacuation (non- fire)
•Bomb threat
•and Lockdown
On top of those drills, schools will be required to also hold other security drills, which include the following:

•Reverse evacuation
•Evacuation to relocation site
•Testing of school’s notification system and procedures
•Testing of school’s communication system and procedures
•Tabletop exercise
•and Full scale exercise

With a Full Scale Exercise defined by Law as:

Full Scale Exercise:
This is a multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional activity involving actual deployment of resources in a coordinated response as if a real incident had occurred.

This exercise tests many components of one or more capabilities within emergency response and recovery, and is typically used to assess plans, procedures and coordinated response under crisis conditions.

>Is America making ready for a world war 3?

horrible drill

Past NJ Terrorism Drills Have Left Even Teacher Terrified – What Kind Of Trauma
Will They Have On Children?

Here is a post on NJCSD describing a past drill:

NJ School Shooting Drill Terrifies Teachers

About 50 teachers at a New Jersey school experienced a terrifying moment when a shooting rampage turned out to be a drill, but the teachers didn’t know it.
It happened Aug. 28 at the Phillipsburg New Jersey Early Learning Center.

A man burst into the library and started shooting. But the gun didn’t have any bullets, just blanks.

Teachers took cover under child-sized tables, crying and trembling.

“People are crying. The girl next to me is trembling and shaking. You heard people crying. You heard other people praying. It was pretty dramatic,” one teacher said.

The school district put the drill in place to test staff readiness.

The Phillipsburg School Board heard from angry teachers and parents Monday night.

The board is reviewing the drill.

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