Monday, April 22, 2013

Scheduled large WMD anti-terror drills in May not a good sign. War? With leaders in bunkers, attacks on Iran, Syria, NKorea?

May 7 - 29, 2013 WMD nuclear bio chem anti terror drills can bring big world of trouble. Scheduled for, tellingly, Denver, with its underground bunkers for top officials, Wash DC - to paralyze politician class, with bunkers too, and Portsmouth, NH.

Preparing for Major Terrorism Exercises Three Cities - ABC News

During drills, latest real terror false flag events actually also happened. Oklahoma City 4-19-95, New York 9-11-01, London 7/7/5, Boston 4/15/13 .

With leaders in bunkers, will the last world war start? Attack on Iran? NKorea made to move?
If Russia, China will feel constrained to answer, the war will become global.

Are nuclear bio chem weapons suitcases already in place, at the ready?

Remotely trigger earthquakes, tornadoes, weather modification

Latest series of major, 6+ earthquake happened on enemy territory. NKorea, Russia by NKorea, Iran, Japan, China.

Meteoric Diplomacy
This year:
1. Strange lights in the sky over Jerusalem - Russian meteorite message
2. Siberia - US Israel meteorite slam crash
3. Week after, meteorite show visible over Boston, New York to Washington DC

Big question is, does Pentagon think it can prevail over Russia China in a nuclear confrontation?

With mind control, forced personas, as reported spread in Hollywood, another question is, are foreign leaders on this nanobots remote control?
The technology is here, available.

Is US President mind controlled? Possibly. Probably.
How about Putin, Kim of NKorea?

Under this scenario, will Putin be able to fire off Russian nuclear missiles?

Or maybe he will be thinking he does, but will actually be shuffling trains on eastern rail road yard.

Remember, 911 controlled demolition inside false flag conspiracy WTC attacks is a point of no return.

Good luck to human race on planet Earth.

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