Saturday, April 20, 2013

New gmo apples Arctic coming soon. And do not touch non organic pesticide covered apples sold in US markets

Pesticide-intensive GMO apple, produced through a possibly risky manipulation of RNA, doesn’t deserve a place on our grocery shelves

Biotech's Latest Creation: Franken-Apples Coming to a Store Near You | Alternet

Apples, that is, apples that haven’t been certified organic, already are on the list of Should-Be-Forbidden fruits. 

They reliably top the Environmental Working Group’s  Dirty Dozen list, for both the volume and the stunning array of pesticides consistently found on them. 
According to the Pesticide Action Network’s analysis of the most recent USDA data, apples tested positive for 42 pesticides, including organophosphate and pyrethroid pesticides. 
Both are endocrine disruptors, both have suspected neurological effects, and both are considered especially toxic for children. ( Organophosphates are the basis for nerve gases used in chemical warfare, and have been linked to the development of ADHD in kids.)

... dsRNA manipulation is untested, and therefore inherently risky
... manipulated RNA finds its way into our digestive systems and bloodstreams, potentially damaging or silencing vital human genes.

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