Saturday, June 4, 2011

Imagine we soon will be able to trigger earthquakes on demand, for peaceful prevention purposes. Haarp. Fun! Peace is such a fun.

Friendship too is fun! Such fun. .. Its better than violence, than fascist kapitalist violent videogames and commercials infested trash spreading tv. ...

Soon we will be able to capture tremendous energy equal of a small sun suspended above our heads - in ionosphere, our atmosphere.

We will be direct shooting thunderbolts of tremendous intensity and energy down to Earth .. whenever and wherever we will.

Imagine all the people, living life in peace !

Orr .......
will we have to re-engineer, genetically trait-castrate human males, to have them behave better, more humanely, appropriately, to get them rid of their malady of violence, of wars, of armies! .. of their malady of admiration of violence, of attraction to violence, to attacking their own species?

To make them better lovers and better erotic love performers ......

But we cannot or should not sway the balance of natural order of things too far out, even for good purposes and reasons!
That is what communism and socialism was trying to do. Part of it was an error, though.

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