Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ADT, weapon of 21st century. Microwave em - electromagnetic radiation.

Active Denial Technology. Control the crowds. The most revolutionary weapon since atom bomb.

Thermal effects - pain

Non-thermal effects of the electromagnetic radiation : microwave hearing and microwave mind control.
Emission of special microwave pulses at low frequencies and regular intervals causes certain perception, such as hearing of the waves behind the head, buzzing, ringing, beating, etc.

In certain people this causes rapid heart beating or higher blood pressure.

It is known that human brain emits and receives alpha, beta and theta electromagnetic waves of frequencies 5 to 16 Hz inside the human body.

External electromagnetic field emitting microwave pulses of similar frequencies may cause special effects in human beings.

This might be indicated in the name of the weapon by the term “denial”.

According to Sigmund Freud
"Denial occurs in cases where the ego is threatened and a person refuses to acknowledge the reality or seriousness of the situation. Identification involves empathizing with the qualities or characteristics of another favorable person.

Fixation and Regression are related mechanisms which occur during psychosexual development."


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