Friday, June 3, 2011

global warming? can't be decided

global warming, the final answer: IT CANT BE DECIDED. .. there ALWAYS have been temperatur­e oscillatio­ns, and there ALWAYS WILL BE.. humans or not.

it's the weather. it keeps changing. yes humans contribute­d in the last second of earth history, but much less than ancient volcanoes.

ice period, warm period. it doesn't depend on humans. mostly depends on Sun activity, and a whole range of random physical states of Earth.

it is questionab­le what response from Earth will certain human factors, like greenhouse gases, have. probably random.

what is IMPORTANT is ENVIRONMEN­T POLLUTION - keep Earth clean.

what would you want? ice age?? .... now, probably, Canada and Russia Siberia, vast areas will become habitable. Earth poles. ..........­.

deal with it. make clean environmen­t, not fascist war.

Earth, nature will always help itself.

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