Saturday, June 4, 2011

Europe new deadly very toxic infectious e.coli bacterium biggest world outbreak ever? not from Spanish cucumbers

Origins yet unknown. unique strain never isolated from patients before

>>>> update
a group of German tax official, among other, eating at one Luebeck restaurant, got sick.
if you fight the idea that high taxes and go to military waste, military buildups, to wars of aggression, than still you would not want tax officials getting bloody diarrhea .... these officials do not set where the tax money goes.

Hamburg area of Germany, one Luebeck restaurant?

Scientists believe the strain originated in animals such as cattle before spreading to vegetables. 
rem: or did it originate in hospitals?

The Health Protection Ag is advising people travelling to Germany to wash salads and to avoid eating raw tomatoes, cucumbers and leafy salads

Now can spread person to person, being highly contagious, completely new quite toxic and virulent strain.

bacteria can attack the kidneys with potentially fatal consequences

more than 30,000 people travelling between Britain and Germany every day

Britain Health Protection agency is shocked by “unprecedented” scale and severity of outbreak.

More than 1,600 people have been infected worldwide, mainly in northern Germany.

The World Health Organisation identified the bacterium as a “completely new” mutant strain which was more toxic and infectious than usual varieties.
It is resistant to antibiotics and has an eight-day incubation period

Experts are still unable to say where the outbreak originated, having ruled out the initial theory that it came from a consignment of Spanish cucumbers.
Fears have heightened to such an extent that Russia yesterday banned the import of all raw vegetables from Europe.

it is quite infectious you don’t need many bacteria on your hand to spread it


Preliminary genetic sequencing suggests that the strain is a new, mutant form of two different E.coli bacteria, according to the WHO.

Unlike previous outbreaks, this strain of E.coli mainly attacks women rather than children or elderly people. More than three quarters of those suffering from serious kidney problems are adult women

Germany has reported 470 cases of HUS and 1,064 cases of bloody diarrhoea. Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland have also reported cases, almost all in people who have just returned from Germany.

Killer E.coli strain infects first victims in Britain - Telegraph

Biological attack on Germany, Europe?


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