Sunday, June 19, 2011

What happened at Fukushima? Claim: nuclear tsunami. WHERE is seismic damage? Houses hit by tsunami were all standing. Explosion at power plant?

Explosion at nuclear Fukushima power plant could not have occurred as officially described, hydrogen explosion, from tsunami damage. It must have been nuclear demolition explosion, to cause severe damage seen.

These are hypotheses in progress. If this was Haarp attack,, it will very likely be supremely compounded, veiled, masked and obfuscated so that no one will ever be able to clearly decrypt, what exactly happened.

We have only very few solid facts - one is that 911 is controlled demolition, 100%.
Claims about Fukushima are not scientifically irrefutably verified.

However, a claim that hydrogen explosion could not have caused damage seen at Fukushima reactor concrete casing seems to be a valid one.
Just as an apparent lack of seismic damage to houses when tsunami was hitting.

It would be no surprise that several attacks were conducted together, each masking the other.

Fukushima is Still Leaking! And No One Cares…. | USAHM Conspiracy News

haarp - earthquakes can be triggered remotely by now, just as tornados and volcanoes.

some indications that 3/11/11 was remotely set off

3-11-11 induced by haarp :

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