Friday, August 5, 2011

History of Our Oil Addiction. 1914, killing electric car. Petro-terrorism.

1914 Ford electric car prototype
The control of energy has been the pursuit of monarchs, monopolists and manipulators from time immemorial.
>> Robber barons cartel wars. Unregulated wild capitalism.

Why the electric car failed despite its superiority as an urban transportation vehicle in an age when country roads were mud, suburbia didn't exist and gasoline was hard to find?

Compared to the quiet, pollution free, dependable electric cars of the era, gasoline models were dirty, noisy and difficult to start, but that also gave them a certain machismo in the minds of the male motorist.

Henry Ford turned to Edison and together they quietly set about to develop an affordable electric car for the common man, one that could be charged off a cellar generator and residential-scale wind turbine, whose power would also be stored in Edison's NiFe battery.

1914, Just as Edison and Henry Ford were about to go into business together to offer a low cost electric car comparable to the Model T, a suspicious fire destroyed nearly all of Edison's West Orange, New Jersey research facility, curiously bypassing areas where the most flammable chemicals had been stored. 

Within months World War I would engulf Europe and eventually America and the dream of the electric car would fade into obscurity, a curious, forgotten footnote of history.

Back in 1911 and 1912, the General Electric company had the Electrant, which was like a parking meter and when you parked in front of it, you plugged your electric car in and got a recharge. 
They had overnight charging facilities. 
Remember, there were no gas stations in 1911 and 1912. So, basically the idea was to recharge the battery.

Late 1890s and early 1900's, electric car manufacturers were the 'bad guys', a complete reversal of where we are today 

Their legal instrument in this fight was George Selden's patent, which he'd acquired in the decades immediately after the American Civil War, and allegedly gave him the right to royalties on any and all automobiles built in America, if not the rest of the world.

Oddly at the time, the gasoline vehicle developers were the populists, but they would eventually join forces with the battery, electric car and bicycle cartels to form a super cartel, and in the process the electric car was abandoned in favor of the internal combustion machine.

Petro-terrorism as a movement whose intention is to "breakdown our society based on our addiction to oil."

Exposing the grimy underbelly of society from IBM, Ford and General Motor's involvement in the rise of the
Nazi Third Reich to the eugenics movement of early 20th century

General Motors complicity in not only helping Hitler make blitzkrieg possible through its Germany subsidiary, Adam Opel, which it wholly acquired in 1931, but also GM role in helping dismantle some 40 public trolley systems in cities across America.

>>> GM and oil cartels also helped to rip out train railroad tracks, so crippling seriously America's infrastructure power and diversity

"There is no reason whatsoever that electric cars can't predominate today, except for the fact that the big automakers and the government that works with them are unwilling to undo decades of destructive automotive engineering, decades of oil addiction. 

It's not about... doing right for this world, right for this planet, right for our society; it's about keeping a lucrative status quo even as our climate changes, even as petro-terrorists and petro-politics put a gun to our head and a sword to our neck; and even as our American way of life and treasury is being transferred to the Middle East."

one solution : convert fleets, delivery, public transport to electric and other clean fuels, compressed natural gas, fuel cell.

 fuel cell was first invested in the last 1830s - The shocking power of solar and wind

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