Wednesday, October 12, 2011

75 % of young Americans unable to enlist in military - failed to graduate HS, have criminal record, or are physically unfit.

12,000 Drones, Lethal Cyborg Insects, See-Shoot Robots — How Machines Are Taking Over War

nation has two choices: it can, as a number of prominent retired generals are currently advocating, reinvest in its “human capital,” especially the health and education of the poor, or it can seriously reevaluate its approach to war

war is a crime

When American forces invaded Iraq in 2003, no robots accompanied them; by 2008, there were 12,000 participating in the war

Only a handful of drones were used in the initial 3/19/2003 invasion; today, the U.S. military has an inventory of more than 7,000, ranging from the familiar Predator to tiny Ravens and Wasps used to transmit video images of events on the ground

Far stranger fighting machines are in the works, like swarms of lethal “cyborg insects” that could potentially replace human infantry.

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