Monday, October 10, 2011

Christians Religion, A Cult Death. Greed, Fear, Fraud. Injustice, Aggression.


Huffpost comment by Tulka2:

“Their religion gives cover to their greed and fear. In their cosmology, the world was made for them, and that means­is generation­, now.

This beautiful planet is just a slum apartment on the way to mans' real life which happens after death. We are in the clutches of a death cult.

Not for the first time. In many other historical times, man, out of fear, tries to wrestle death to the ground by becoming Death itself.

At least the Muslims, who feel the same way about this planet, have a happy, sensual vision of the afterlife.

The thing Christians seem to enjoy is the thought of watching sinners suffer from a high perch. It's a death cult. ”

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