Thursday, October 13, 2011

#OWS Anti wild fraud capitalism to demonstrate against JPMorgan Chase. Elite oligarchs ruling, ruining the world.


Money not for wars of superpowerful superrich elite oligarchs, but for schools, healthcare, transportation, human services, public investments, jobs.

NO to wild capitalist world ruling war mafia!

Average chief executive salary in the US is 142 times that of lower-ranked employees.

The demonstrations emerged under the banner Occupy Wall Street (OWS) on September 17, 2011, when a group of people began rallying in New York's financial district to protest at 'corporate greed' and top-level corruption in the country.

The campaign has now spread to nearly 70 major cities, including Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Boston, as well as more than 600 communities across the nation.

It is reportedly being supported through 'Occupy' events in close to 1,600 cities across the globe.

The protesters have adopted the nickname 'the 99 percent.' They have singled out for criticism specific people, whom are said to have enriched themselves at the expense of others to form the one percent wealthiest Americans

Also yesterday, US police forces arrested scores of anti-Wall Street protesters, including around 200 demonstrators in Boston and 27 activists in Chicago.

OWS organizers say at least 90 colleges are set to rally in solidarity with the movement.

People have also planned to rally elsewhere across the world, particularly in European countries, on Saturday to show support for the US protesters.

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