Thursday, October 6, 2011

Prosthetic Exoskeleton commanded by brain may soon enable paralyzed to walk. Brazilian Moon Shot.


An ambitious objective: On the opening day of the 2014 World Cup soccer tournament in Brazil, they hope to send a young quadriplegic striding out to midfield to open the games, suited up in the "prosthetic exoskeleton" they aim to build.

The latest experiment of the nonprofit consortium showed that electrical messages conveying sensation could be sent directly to the monkeys' brains — in enough detail that both animals could distinguish among three identical circles by virtually "feeling" their differing textures.

Those sensations did not come from the animals' fingers, but from specially coded electrical currents delivered straight to each monkey's sensory cortex by four filaments the breadth of a hair.

this of course has a huge potential - sending electrical signals to the brain to simulate different feelings

bypass the body's complex network of nerve endings and supply the sensation of touch directly to the brains - of monkeys

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