Sunday, October 9, 2011

Republicans On The Loose: War On Environment. War on Women. War on Jobs. War on America.

America's environmental protections are under a sweeping, concerted republican assault in Congress that could effectively roll back the federal government's ability to safeguard air and water more than 100 years

Grave damage to the environemnt, to quality of life. Why? So that republican corporations earn more profits.

Republican Bills Would Erase Decades Of Protection

Stunning campaign against governmental regulatory authority that is now surprisingly close to succeeding.

In just the year since the GOP took control of the House, there have been at least 159 votes held against environmental protections -- including 83 targeting the Environmental Protection Agency -- on the House floor alone

Republicans have made an assault on all environmental issues

single-handedly amends probably more laws of the United States than any law ever introduced in Congress

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